Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Saturday

Not sure I should share some of these photos, the're messy (lol). I was reading Bonnie K Hunter's blog, Quiltville Quips & Snips and she was talking about organizing her drawers and offered a challenge to organize a draw a day and since I definately need to do that I was in! Here is my twist on her challenge, I tend to get bored and sometimes can't finish organizing a large area so I decided that I would pick small parts of big projects and add in a few smaller ones, here's where I started....

Call me crazy but I decided to help my husband organize his toolbox, I often can't find what is needed and with all the others that use the toolbox sometimes it's not where my husband originally put it. So we are going draw by draw and putting things back where they belong and labeling them hopefully, they might return to their proper place. This is part of a very large project to organize the whole garage and since I need my husbands help and input it will probably be ongoing for a month or two. We have alot of stuff in our garage, mind you we have already spent several days in the past year purging stuff like parts to things we no longer have, broken stuff , stuff we haven't used and will NEVER use again, etc... This gets very overwhelming to me because I don't know what some of the stuff is and where or what it belongs with from an organizing standpoint so it's slow going. I hope to share more photos of the progress in the coming months, I will go snap some before photos today so you will be able to really see the progress:0)

No, the red party cups are not from a wild party they are what I used to help sort sockets to put in the toolbox, my table was taken over by stuff from the toolbox draws! Sorry for the blurry photo.

In between sorting and organizing I did get some sewing done. Got all of the blocks for All Stars (by Cozy Quilts Designs) done and on the design wall to help with putting it together, can you see the stars? I tried really hard to not worry about "matching" the fabric for each star, it looks great and really looks scrappy. It is also great because there is no fussy matching seams only the ones as you put the rows together. What do you think? You can't have it, it's MINE, need to tell myself I will not give this one away!
Lastly, it was time to clean the dreaded desk, so to make it easier I took everything out and brought it to my sewing room table. It's a more comfortable, brighter and I will get it done quickly so I can have my sewing table back! I am guilty of letting papers pile up instead of taking 5 minutes to go file them, or immediately getting rid of the junk mail, I put them on the desk and voila after a few months I can't close the roll top or find that one piece of paper that I need NOW:0( I have a little more to work on but as you can see from the green plastic bag on the floor I have alot done and now I just need to put it neatly back in the desk.

I think I need to make another To Do List because I have several things that are almost finished and instead of finishing them I start something new, oh well, I guess that I just part of who I am. Enjoy your weekend, it's the 4th Saturday and I gotta go to my Civil War Quilt gathering and get my next block!


  1. I hope William doesn't see this. We would be a year at least in his tool shed trying to sort and get things right in there. LOL

  2. That concept of tackling one small project at a time is the one I use. It seems less overwhelming than takling a project that will take days. I clean and reorganize my kitchen drawers one at a time. Sometimes it takes me a week to get through all the drawers.

    Love the scrappy look of the quilt. Give it to your hubby for a gift right now, when it's still on the design wall and that means you can't give it to someone else.

  3. Denise, you have been hard at work and have made lots of progress, both in organizing and sewing! I love the quilt squares. Especially the fact that you don't have to match a lot of seams. I just might use that pattern some day when I get these other projects done. Bought more fabric this morning!

  4. I'm always impressed by those who sew and quilt. That is a beautiful quilt! I also love your header picture. Thanks for the times you have stopped by, I appreciate your kind comments.

  5. Okay, I'm calling you crazy for organizing the tool box! I got my husband to make me my own tool pouch that I keep in the house, and he's not supposed to touch it. Then I can find what I need. As far as the clutter, pretend like you're going to move--really--and that you have to PAY by the pound. You'll figure out a lot faster what's worth keeping and what's not. Military families find this out pretty quick.

    Love the scrappy quilt! Looks like a block that would go together pretty quickly.


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