Sunday, October 6, 2013

New Arrival

Last night was the night the hives finally moved to my house, fellow beekeepers (more experienced than me) helped move them.  It was fairly quick and uneventful, of course I prepared ahead in hopes all would go well.  I wanted to move them earlier this summer but in all fairness to the bees it was best to wait until most of the forage time was done and the weather was cooler.  Since is was almost dark when they were moved I really don't think any were left behind!

The grass in front of the entry is so they will orient themselves to their new surroundings, I am sure they know something is different!  They will probably be inside most of the next few days since we are expecting rain, I think this will also be helpful for them to orient themselves.  I will go out tomorrow and remove the screens that are covering the other entry/exit holes, already filled the water containers......Welcome to your new home!