Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Preparing for the big "W"

I have gotten some sewing done since I last posted but I have also been busy finishing up the firewood for Winter.

Had to saw up the long pieces to the right then split and stack.
 All finished, the pile that is not stacked is already in my basement, the stacked wood will be the last to come inside as it is the most seasoned.

 Spent one of the warm days last week in my sewing room since it was too hot to work outside!
These are the first five blocks of the Marcus Brothers Sew Along.
 Tonight my husband and I decided to make the first fire in our new wood stove, I really didn't want to wait until it was really needed, I prefer to be prepared when possible! 
Still have the other half of my wood to bring inside, cut and split some kindling and help my mom split the rest of her wood hoping to have that done by next week!  Leaves and a few other must do things on the list before I will be ready for colder weather, but the most important thing on the list is to take time and enjoy my favorite season of the year!! 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Special Tresure

Yesterday I went to a BBQ at my neighbors house, her husband recently passed away and she has been sorting through stuff..........she had a few things that she thought I would be able to use at my house.  A roll of screen, a grow light that will work for my seedlings and then she walked around the corner carrying a black box...........as soon as I saw it I knew exactly what it was and felt so honored to receive this beautiful treasure.................
She doesn't sew and as she handed it me she said that her husband knew he had it and had said that he wanted me to have it!  I am looking forward to oiling her and threading her and then giving her a try!

Friday, August 15, 2014

New Furniture

My local quilt shoppe Kathie's is doing some renovations and was selling a few pieces of furniture, I decided to purchase one of the counters to serve as my cutting station.  It took a few hours of moving things around in my 9 x 10 sewing room but I think I like the way it looks.  After I spend a few days sewing I will probably tweek it a little bit but for the most part everything is cozy feeling. 

Not sure if I am going to keep the rocking chair, depends how many times I stub my toe.  I like having a place to sit and stitch when I don't want to watch the same tv show hubby is watching.
The shelves on the backside of the cutting station are perfect for my project totes, they are now very visible and easy to reach.........wonder if they will get finished sooner, LOL!
Terry here is a photo I told you I would post of my stash closet..........
 ........and more spilling out onto a cute little hutch I found at a yard sale a few years ago.  Room for more on these shelves, LOL!

Hope you enjoyed my tour.