Monday, August 30, 2010

No Photos....Broken Computer and a Blessed Day

I am posting from my desktop,  our laptop is needing some brain surgery.  I still haven't figured out how to upload photos onto this computer so until the surgery is performed and our computer is out of the hospital you might be stuck with just words:0(

Today was a wonderful day, not productive in a "cross things off the list" way but I feel that I have gained much from the blogs that I have read and the friends that I have chatted with.  Thank you Lord for putting these new friends in my life, you know what I need, help me to be a blessing to them.

Yesterday we followed our son to Bangor, he is back to school and we helped bring up some of his stuff.  It is a 3 hour (one way) drive so we didn't stay long, I wanted to be home before dark, some of the animals up North like to play in the road!  So now we are back to an empty nest, Nate will probably make the drive home twice a month. 

We are having a hot spell here and it will be the same for the next three days and then "Earl" will probably change it to more seasonal weather.  I think I'm going to finish my day reading, I just started Lori Wick's Rocky Mountain Series, the first book is Where the Wild Rose Blooms, hope it's good!

Something to Think On............

Recently I have been posting the daily meditation (most of the time, in the margin) that I read from a book called Echos of Eternity - Listening to the Father by Hal M. Helms.  Today this one was especially touching to me, I have been using this book off and on for 5 years so most of these I have read more than once but they are still just what I need to hear. 

August 30    .........My strength is made perfect in weakness.    II Corinthians 12:9

     My dear child, calm yourself at My breast.  Let your faint knowledge of Me give you strength for your needs.  I am enough--sufficient for any circumstance you are called to face.  There is always within the circumstance grace to bear it and a way through.
     I have not called you to walk a blind path, even though the future is unknown to you.  I have called you to walk with Me, and I tell you again, I am enough--sufficient for any circumstance you are called to face.  No exceptions!

Hope this is helpful to you.

I will be back with another post later.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Old Singer Sewing Machine

Yesterday I took the tv cabinet out of my sewing room , I was only using it because I didn't want to throw it away and now my MIL can use it so off to her house with it.   I still needed something to put the tv on so I took  the old Singer sewing machine out of the closet and put it in place of the tv cabinet.  I had been wanting to take it out of the closet but didn't know where to put it and over the years it has moved around the house then into the closet!  It is in need of some TLC, maybe some Howard's not sure yet, you can see from the |picture that there are a lot of scratches on the cabinet. 
We have had it for over 15 years, it was my hubby's grandmother's machine.  I have never plugged it in and tried it guess when I first got it I didn't dare and now I realized that the plug needs to be repaired so I will put the test drive on hold.  It doesn't have a presser foot it is run with a knee lever, if you look on the right there is something long and silver running parallel to the machine along the cabinet, that is the lever it just needs to be folded down to use.  I love the cabinet and all the little storage cubbies that are on a hinge along with a place to put spools of thread or bobbins, I still have all the attachments and the owners manual that came with it in the original little Singer box.  When the cord is repaired I will have to give it a whirl! 

There is a nice steady rain outside and I am going to get the stew going and get into my sewing room!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Finally Some Pictures

I finally have the camera AND the computer to add photos to my blog......

Yesterday I posted about my daily organizer and here are some photos of it............

I also wanted to share a great bargain I recently got at the local lumber yard.  I went looking for shelf brackets and saw that they were having a big clearance sale.  Currently,  I have hollow core doors on the main floor of the house, except for the new doors that were replaced  during the renovating after Roger's accident.  The plan is to replace one door at a time when the doors are on sale, well I was able to find a slab six panel and one six panel pre-hung door at the clearance sale. 

I also found two closet doors and one pre-hung door all for the downstairs finished "work-out" room.

The door on the left will replace the old door on the right.  I didn't get any shelf brackets but I think I got a great deal for all of these doors, I paid $110.  What do you think??  I guess I need to add these projects to my to do list, LOL.

Hope you have a great day.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Plans

A few years ago when I was working outside the home and the boys were in school I had a planner that I never left home without.  In this planner I had all my contacts, to do list, calendar with all the boys sporting events, school events, and where I needed to be for work on each day.  It was great because I could also write notes on specific dates and I could always go back and find notes from previous days.  When my husband was in the hospital I NEVER left the house without it, I used it to help plan the changes we needed to make to our home, for business cards of the people that I need to contact and for marking dates of when I called someone or when I mailed specific paperwork, etc.  I continued to use this for the first 1 1/2 years after he came home and then when things slowed I used it less.  Today I decided that I would try to start using it daily, I set it up for menu planning and for my short & long term to do list, I also have a section for pantry stocking.  It of course also had a daily planner in it and I will use this for things I plan to do on a specific date, etc.  It is small enough to grab and take with me when I go somewhere. 

Menu that I have planned so far,    Monday:   Marinated chicken
                                                                     canned corn & mashed potatoes
                                                     Tuesday:   Beef Stew
                                                                      bread & butter
                                                      Wed.:       Leftovers
                                                      Thurs.:      Grilled Steak  w/grilled veggies
                                                       Fri.:          Out for Dinner
                                                       Sat.:         Beans & franks

Of course all is subject to change, but everything on the menu is from the freezer & pantry.  I promise my next post will have photos, hubby is using the other computer and I can't upload any from this older computer. 

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A GO Giveaway

Thanks to Jackie at Canton Village Quilt Works you can win your very own AccuQuilt GO cutter.

Just click on her blog name and check out how you can get not one but FOUR chances to win one of these lovely machines.  Thanks Jackie and AccuQuilt for this great opportunity to win one of the cool tools!

No Sewing For Me

Last night was FNSI and I didn't get any sewing done, I got a better offer (sorry Heidi and Bobbi).  My oldest son and his girlfriend came for supper with the grand-dog, I love sewing but wouldn't chose that over a visit with my children.  I probably could have sewed for a bit after they left but I was tired from working outside most of the day. 

Today will be another outside work day, the weather is going to be beautiful and comfortable so I need to get more done while it's nice.  I am planning on taking it easy on Sunday and Monday, hopefully we will have rain showers late Sunday and all day Monday!!  We certainly need it, when the dogs play out front all I can see is a big cloud of dust.  I will try to take photos today, but really nothing exciting is going on just work on the woodpile, fixing the stonewall out front that was pushed several winters ago by the snowplow.  I raked the "stuff" that accumulates along the road side of the wall on one side of our driveway and now I need to do the other than I can mow the crabgrass that grows there (like I need more mowing) it just gives the front a neater appearance.  This time of year when it cools off I get ambitious to tidy the yard again, the more I do now the easier things are in the spring, boy I sure have noticed that each year my body protests more, maybe I need to get into better shape, LOL.  What are you going to do today?

I look forward to seeing what Granny J did for her first FNSI and seeing what  Debbie J worked on I'm sure it's something beautiful, if you haven't been to their sites be sure to check them out.  They both have a second blog,  Debbie has one for about her quilting and Granny has one about her recycling/reuse of the things she comes across in her daily life so when you have a free moment grab the beverage of your choice and check them out who knows where they might take you! 

Have a great day.

Friday, August 20, 2010

It's Friday Night Sew In.....

Tonight's the night for FNSI, I have three possible projects that I might work on.....

Contestant #1   My Civil War Blocks,  I haven't gotten July or August done yet and tomorrow is the monthly meeting, good thing we aren't graded, LOL. 

Contestant #2  The Frolic/Imagine quilt is partially together and I would like to finish putting the block rows together and be ready to work on the pieced border. 

Contestant #3  I might work on a little baby quilt that I have all cut and ready to sew, if I chose this I will probably be able to get the whole top pieced and together.

Tune in tomorrow to see which contestant won the prize.

What project are you going to work on??

Have a Blessed day.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to Shawn

Today is my son's 22nd birthday.  I made a chocolate cake from scratch, yes completely from scratch, no box.....flour, sugar, eggs, vanilla, water, milk, baking powder, baking soda, & Hershey cocoa powder.  I then made my from scratch frosting, I am trying my best to work from what I have here as much as possible, while I did go to the store for more milk, a necessity at my house, I chose NOT to by a box cake.  I have enjoyed reading about how many of you are being more frugal, not wasting what you have, and using what you have in your pantry.  So I will do my best to work on that, when I fail I just get up and start over again!

Now for what I did yesterday,  hubby and youngest son, Nate, headed up the coast to Rockland to pick up a new cab body for our OB (orange beast) '68 dump truck.  Gee I wonder if my hubby will look for a replacement body for me when mine gets rusty, LOL.  After they left I read my daily readings then I did a little blogging while having my coffee.   One thing I need to do is wake up earlier, it is really nice to do my bible reading when no one is distracting me, small sacrifice to get up a little earlier, I will work harder on that.   Then decided to get the bananas taken care of, I made 2 loaves of bread, froze one and we are eating the other.  Then I made a sauce with the handful of ripe tomatoes that I knew we wouldn't eat before they went bad.  I learned something in the process, wait for the sauce to cool, BEFORE putting the blender cover on and starting it!  It was a little messy, thankfully I didn't burn myself, after adding some peppers, celery, onions and garlic powder I simmered it some more and froze it.   Somewhere in between I did a quick "white tornado"  through the house.  I also put the leftover stuffed shells in the freezer, so we have some goodies in the freezer for the crazy nights that I am too tired to cook!  I also got several loads of laundry washed and hung out to dry and put away some already dried clothes.  Took some breaks to check my blog friends, then I decided to go outside.  I weeded the area directly in front of the house and used the leaf blower to clean the driveway.  Then I decided to clean up myself and read the rest of the latest book I was reading.  Hubby called when they drove by a quilt shop and made sure he let me know that I missed it, LOL, I told him we would have to plan a day trip this fall!!  Doesn't sound like much but, I really felt great at the end of day.

Gotta get suppa done, hope everyone is having a great day.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Home Alone.......

Home alone today, not very often it's just me and the fur kids.  I don't have the camera so no photos today, just wanted to say a quick hello.  Here are the the options that I have for today:

Sit and blog ALL/PART of the day, fun, but not the best use of my time :0(
Bake banana bread and make tomato sauce with produce that needs to be used TODAY, better use of time :0)
Quilt ALL/PART of the day, very fun :0)
White tornado through the house along with laundry, good use of time:0)
Work on outside chore list:  wood, lawn, garden....., good use of time and the weather is pleasant for this work:0)
Paperwork, good use of time but not really in the mood :0(
Read a book, enjoyable use of time:0)
OR a combination of some of the above, guess you will just have to wait and see what I decide to do.

What would you do if you had at least 6 hours to yourself with no pressure to get anything done??

Have a great day my friends!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In His Hands…

Let me preface today’s post with the following, when I started this blog, I didn’t plan on sharing this specifically with blogland, but since then I have decided that sharing this might give someone going through tough times HOPE or help them believe that all things are possible with GOD. I am writing this using first person narrative, but please remember that ALL of our lives have changed.

Four years ago today, August 17, 2006 my life changed forever…..I can still remember that it was a warm Thursday afternoon about 3:30pm, my husband was on vacation and out on a motorcycle ride with a friend, my oldest son had just come home from work and was down in his room, my second son was at work and my youngest son was away at football camp.

I was at the computer typing when I heard a dog barking and got up to check it out, I saw a blue State Police car in the driveway and a young officer coming to my door, he asked if I was alone and I told him my son was home, I let him in and remember him saying that my husband had been involved in an accident and was being lifeflighted to the hospital, he told me that the other gentlemen, my husband’s friend, that was riding (on another motorcycle) with my husband had died at the scene. The nurse that I spoke with on the phone could not tell me much, just that I needed to get to the hospital. So many things running through my head, where was the hospital (it was not a local hospital), how to get there, gather my boys, pray……the strange thing is that I remember having moments of racing thoughts than a calm would come over me and I would be able to function, make the call to get my youngest son to the hospital from where he was, make sure someone was with him, call the prayer warriors (he had people praying for him before they even knew what they were praying for) I just called and said I didn’t have time to talk just please pray, then breakdown not knowing what to do……

On the 1 ½ hour ride to the hospital , they called and said he was going in for a CAT scan and that he had a spinal cord injury in the C1-C2 area, I knew that was bad, later we learned it was C4-C5 area. That was the longest night of my life, I was told he would probably not make the night; he had many internal injuries, his BP keep dropping which meant he was bleeding somewhere. I can remember standing next to his bed, looking at him, touching him, talking to him and realizing he was completely in GOD’s hands, I remember giving it all to Him. God gave me the strength that I needed each and every moment and I felt it.

Jump ahead 4 years, my husband is categorized as an incomplete quadriplegic, he went from only being able to blink to respond yes or no, not being able to move anything below his neck to standing. His right side has regained most of its normal function and he is able to do so much more than the doctors ever thought, they didn’t have him making the night and here he is today, a miracle, my miracle!

This photo was taken at our youngest son's last home game (Fall of 2008), just so happens the team we were playing was from the same town my husband and I grew up in so many friends we in the stands.  The boys present their mom with a flower and their dad with their away jersey, we thought it would be a great time to share Roger's progress so he stood on the field to give his son a hug........This photo also became our Christmas Card that year, it read ......We Believe in Miracles.

Our family changed that day four years ago, some things we can’t do the same way, but we are stronger because of what God took us through! We are so thankful to have three wonderful sons that He blessed us with to help us when the going gets a little tough. The only way that we were able to make it through this trial to where we are today is because we were carried by the hand of God to where we are today.

We also keep the wife and oldest son of my husband’s friend in our thoughts and prayers today and every day. A year before his death, they lost their youngest son; he was killed by a drunk driver. While we have never met the young man (16yrs old) that was responsible for my husband’s accident, we pray for him too.

There are so many more blessings that God has bestowed upon us , it would take me days and days a lifetime to share them all.  Thanks for allowing me to share my "little story".

Monday, August 16, 2010

A "little story" ......

Andrea Bocelli's voice is beautiful and now I know why......

Hope you enjoyed this "little story".

Random Ramblings........

Thought I would share a few random things from the weekend.

  I didn't get and brush chipped until later Sunday afternoon, I was too tired on Saturday and knowing it was going to rain today I needed to work on getting some chipped.  We are hoping to get some dirt "fill" from down the road and we need it to go in that general area, that is why I "NEEDED" to get chipping done.  Thankfully it is raining today, unfortunately it comes with heavy rain and strong thundershowers later this afternoon, so that won't be fun. 

On Saturday I ran some errands and stopped by Kathie's to see all the quilts on display,  I also got to see the other story quilts that were made, and of course mine was there!  NO, I forgot my camera and therefore I didn't get a photos, sorry.  I did get rewarded for a little act of kindness.....I was in the checkout line at CVS and the lady in front of me (she was walking with a limp) left the line to get something else, she came back and was going to get behind me and I let her get her "spot" back, she was surprised and while she was being waited on she handed me a coupon for 20% off my purchase!   While this was not a big deal, I feel that even the little things that we do in life mean much to others, like sharing a smile, sometimes it changes the moment for the person who receives it!  There is truth to "what goes around, comes around".  So challenge yourself to share a "warm fuzzy" with someone today!!

A yummy picture to share with you for no other reason than, I baked a custard pie and wanted to show it to you, LOL. 

I love, love custard pie and it's so easy to make, especially when "Betty" helps with the crust.  I usually buy a box of BC pie crust mix and all you do is add water, and it tastes and looks like it's from scratch.  The rest is real easy eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla and nutmeg for the top.

Next, in my random weekend are the yardsale goodies that I found.  Saturday I found two pottery crocks ($2), they were cute and I knew that I would be able to find a use for them and they go great with my style, or lack there of, LOL.  I also found a shelving unit that the lady said used to be on the top of her daughter's desk,  she was selling everything and RVing south!  So I asked how much and she said $5, I took it.  It's sturdy and overall  clean,  there are a few stains on the shelves and one area on the end, you can't see it  'cause of the plaid hanging over the edge covers it.  Here is where I put it, I added some of my fabric and trinkets, I am sure that I will tweek it more in the coming weeks.  After I "live" with it for a while I might decided to paint it a more "prim" color like black??  If I do I will be calling on Deb, Gail, Granny, & Rose for their painting skills but for now it stays white!  
You can see my new crocks on the top shelf.  What do ya think of my new treasure, not a bad deal??  I also got a 6' long shelf with pegs that I didn't get a photo of yet, not sure where it will go. 

Well enough randomness for now, I'm off to get some housekeeping done so I can play sew or work on other projects later,  maybe?? 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday Night Sew In

I know, I said I would be working outside today, change of plans as I can't seem to get out of my own way today.  I think my body needs a rest, probably not a great idea to be working with power equipment :0)  But it's a great time to mention that Friday night AUGUST 20 is FNSI if you haven't signed up you can click the  Friday Night Sew In link in the margin of my blog.  Have you signed up, are you planning on signing up?  What will you work on, I still don't know yet. 

Warming Myself with My Winter Wood.......

They say that when you burn with wood it warms you more than once, well I've been outside letting it warm me for the first time.   At the beginning of the week if the weather holds out we will be "enjoying" round two and three of the warming, splitting and stacking, LOL.  Our sons help with the big stuff, I know my limits, even though I sometimes test them!  Here is what the pile looks like now.......

The splitter is going to get moved next to the pile, NO I will NOT be splitting by hand, I am not Paula Bunyan, LOL.   Here is the lovely pile of brush that has to be chipped......
I did get an early Christmas present on Thursday, it's a helmet......I might have to have hubby take a photo of me all decked out!

The price we pay to stay beautiful, LOL!!

I think later next week I will have "earned" a few quilting days, what do you think?  Gotta get moving, I want to stop at Kathie's to see my Storybook quilt displayed, then back to work.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Electricity Challenge

Just finished reading Mary Ann's post and I decided that I would share a challenge I have been thinking of doing.  When I received my electricity bill for last month I almost fell over, it was almost double the KW usage, we used the AC a lot and the welder some last month.  It got me to thinking that I would like to challenge myself to try to lower my usage in the coming months as much as possible.   I plan on unplugging stuff we are not using, you know the stuff that still has a little light on even when it is not in use, I have used power strips for some of our TV, DVD, etc and at night I shut the whole strip off with one button!  I also need to go around the house and see what else is secretly sucking electricity, for instance in my sewing room I have a TV, Direct TV box and a clock radio, even when I am NOT using them they use some electricity!  Down in the spare room in the basement we have a TV and DVD player plugged in, I hardly go in there (it's where the exercise equipment is, LOL) I should unplug everything or use a power strip.  I did this last year and noticed a decrease in my usage, we are supposed to be getting so called Smart Meters soon wonder if those will help with tracking saving?? 

While I don't like to get political, etc. I want to share that some  "stimulus package" will be paying for the installation of these "Smart Meters" and  it will NOT be stimulating new jobs, at least 140 meter readers will be OUT OF A JOB.  The real kicker is that the company that owns our power company is NOT an American company so profits will not stay in this country.  Okay now I am off my soapbox, but I want people to know how some of this money is being spent, NOT stimulating jobs. 

Back to the challenge, I plan to start in earnest at the end of the month when my meter gets read, does anyone else do this??

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This One's for You Granny J

Quite some time ago I mentioned that I would post photos of my salt glazed pottery collection.  Today Granny J shared her jar collection and I mentioned  to her that I didn't "collect" jars but I had a collection of them, I wasn't sure if that statement made sense!  So here's a little tour of most of my collections........

Here are some shelves in my kitchen, the basket on the top shelf has recipie booklets and pamphlets and the basket on the lower shelf has all my kitchen towels (looks like it's time to do a load of laundry it's almost empty).  The bowls I found at Mardens (a local salvage store) for $2.99 each and I loved them because they are the colors in my kitchen, the best part is they are useful and pretty!  The jars have stuff in them that I use, like potpourri, whole cloves, baking powder, oatmeal, etc.

This is a cubby in the computer cabinet, a Wally World special, wonder if I could paint this black and make it look primitive??  In recent years I have scaled back on the decorative "stuff" that I have, I tend to get things that serve a purpose and TRY to stay simple with nick nack stuff.
This is the top of the computer cabinet, the bowls I got at a yard sale earlier this summer and the basket has stoneware that I use when I make shortbread.  The candle and berries I got at a yard sale several years ago, I plan to use it some day, maybe I should save it for when we have a power outage! 

This angle shows the dining area,  you can see where the shelves are in relation to the "kitchen" area.  If you look out the window you can see the plywood covering the hole that I stepped thru earlier this summer, not sure if redoing the decking will be a fall or spring project??

This is may garlic keep and spoon rest, if you look closely you can see the cob webs  early Halloween decoration in the corner. 

The kitchen sink window, the three pieces on the right are some of the first pieces that my hubby got me about 20 years ago (the utensil holder above is also one) I am sure he didn't realize what he was starting when he gave those to me!  I keep my sugar in one, the candle holder is the one I found free at the Treasure area at our dump Transfer station. 

While this is not a piece of pottery or jar, this is one of my best yard sale finds.  I have always wanted a Kitchen Aid but never could bring myself to spend almost $300 on one!  Last summer the farmhouse down the road was having a yard sale and I knew there would be some very interesting things, the house had been in the family for over 100 years.  Along with some garden tools I saw this and it was marked $50, it was in excellent shape, I talked them down to $40 (I checked to see if it worked) .  It is less then 10 years old but in almost new condition, the lady that had it hasn't lived there for at least 5 years and I don't imagine she did much baking.  I am glad I have my Kitchen Aid and I am really glad that I didn't spend $300 for it!  Isn't she pretty!!

Everyone has to have at least one jar with change in it!
Here are the jars in my sewing room......

Deb see our truck  that could deliver some rocks to your yard (just kidding, I don't think we could afford the gas to get to your house).
I still have a few other pieces that I will save for another time.  Hope you enjoyed my collections.

P.S.  I hope I caught all my typos....

Chocolate & Quilting............

I was playing reading blogs earlier this morning, and came across this template and thought how appropriate, quilting and chocolate two of my favorite things......I didn't plan on changing things again so soon, but I couldn't resist.  I do have some more tweeking to do, like fix the Friday Night Sew In button, but I think it came out yummy!  Hope you are having a great day!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Yard Work

The weather was beautiful here in Maine this weekend.  I should have been outside both days but on Saturday I worked on the Frolic quilt.  Here is what I got done......

I placed the blocks on my design wall to evenly distribute the colors, now I will sew the rows together and add the inner border.   I need to piece a second border and the top will be complete,  I shouldn't have a problem completing this quilt by October.

On Sunday I went outside and got some yard work done.  During the week I dug out a tree,  root and all with the backhoe on the tractor,  here it is waiting to be limbed and cut into smaller pieces. 

There were some other pieces in the pile in front of the stacked stuff that needed to be cut.  So......I took my trusty Stihl chainsaw,  my cute orange chaps, eye and ear protection I got to work.  My husband is able to get on his tractor so we used  a chain to move the pieces to make it easier for me to cut them.  Here is the pile after we were done.......
I left the really big piece for one of our boys to cut with the bigger saw.  After limbing the tree I chipped the branches, look how nice and neat my wood area looks now!  To the right of this picture we have a large pile that has to be chipped.  Hubby wants to show me how to sharpen the blades on the chipper then we might get to that pile today if the heat is not to oppressive. 

Here are the next two trees that we are trying to dig out, the roots are tied together and are giving us some trouble, might have to wait for the boys to help.  Our boys are very helpful around the house,  but we still like to do as much as we can by ourselves. 

We have lots of rocks on our property and here are the ones that have been "harvested" while digging around  the trees we are taking out.  We plan to use them somewhere not sure where yet??  Maybe later today I will take a moment to take some pictures of  what we have already done with rocks on our property.  Over the years some of our neighbors have come and taken rocks to use at their houses as well, maybe we should have a rock sale, LOL.   

 Guess I better get moving or I won't get anything done!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Recent Yard Sale Finds

Thought I would share with you some recent yard sale finds.  While I love yard sales I usually don't spend the whole day or weekend visiting them instead when I run my errands I take the long zig zag route home.  I found this several weeks ago at a sale next to the grocery store...........for $2.00 .

I also got these at another yardsale, I knew the lady so she let me have them both for $1.00.

Drum roll please.......I have been wanting one of these to use for winter decorating for quite some time, I got this one for the whopping price of $1.00.  It's not old in terms of antique, but it is already worn looking.

In the background you can see the garage trim that is on my to do list to paint.  Not sure if I will leave this list or not, I was just playing and thought it might encourage me to get some stuff done????

Why would I want to paint when I could be working on this......
I also will be picking up my August Civil War BOM packet and I still haven't worked on July's yet so I have lots "to do" on my fun list!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The "Storybook" is Finished!

It's finished......For those of you that are new to my blog you can go back to the July 14th post to read about the challenge and why I made this quilt.

Showing the backing.
The book that inspired this quilt, this is the copy I found on E-Bay and will be including with the quilt.

Pictures speak louder than words...............

The doghouse, I know not the best example.....

Mr. Bill's applique wheels are a little flat.

The train visit to Grandma's house........again some slightly flat wheels.

My attempt at making Laurie. 
                                                Laurie's tree house is in the center of the quilt.

 I know that it is not perfect, but when I made some boo boos I reminded myself of the child that would enjoy the pictures on this quilt. 

Thanks for letting me share this project with you.  Get ready to hear about the progress of the "Frolic" Quilt next I hope to start that very soon!