Friday, August 20, 2010

It's Friday Night Sew In.....

Tonight's the night for FNSI, I have three possible projects that I might work on.....

Contestant #1   My Civil War Blocks,  I haven't gotten July or August done yet and tomorrow is the monthly meeting, good thing we aren't graded, LOL. 

Contestant #2  The Frolic/Imagine quilt is partially together and I would like to finish putting the block rows together and be ready to work on the pieced border. 

Contestant #3  I might work on a little baby quilt that I have all cut and ready to sew, if I chose this I will probably be able to get the whole top pieced and together.

Tune in tomorrow to see which contestant won the prize.

What project are you going to work on??

Have a Blessed day.


  1. I am excited about the sew in but haven't figured out how to put the button in a post or on my sidebar. I have a project in mind. I'm going to start a rag rug for a lady that has ordered one.

    If I were you I'd work on the civil war blocks. That way you'll be caught up for the meeting.

    I'm impressed by your notebook binder. I'm going to borrow that idea.

  2. Hello Denise, I popped in to visit your blog after seeing your name at Heidi's FNSI list. I couldn't believe what I saw!!! First of all, I am a lover of Civil War fabrics! I am in Jo Morton Little Women's Club at my local quilt shop and we basically make one project a month! Then, I scroll down to read more of your posting and I recognize the Moda Frolic fabric!!!!! My FNSI project was quilting a table runner I am making using Frolic!!!! Talk about conincidences!!! So I just had to post and let you know. The only thing we have in common with Crazy Eights is I love to play the card game:) But two out of three isn't bad! I love your projects and I hope you had a great weekend!


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