Monday, August 9, 2010

Yard Work

The weather was beautiful here in Maine this weekend.  I should have been outside both days but on Saturday I worked on the Frolic quilt.  Here is what I got done......

I placed the blocks on my design wall to evenly distribute the colors, now I will sew the rows together and add the inner border.   I need to piece a second border and the top will be complete,  I shouldn't have a problem completing this quilt by October.

On Sunday I went outside and got some yard work done.  During the week I dug out a tree,  root and all with the backhoe on the tractor,  here it is waiting to be limbed and cut into smaller pieces. 

There were some other pieces in the pile in front of the stacked stuff that needed to be cut.  So......I took my trusty Stihl chainsaw,  my cute orange chaps, eye and ear protection I got to work.  My husband is able to get on his tractor so we used  a chain to move the pieces to make it easier for me to cut them.  Here is the pile after we were done.......
I left the really big piece for one of our boys to cut with the bigger saw.  After limbing the tree I chipped the branches, look how nice and neat my wood area looks now!  To the right of this picture we have a large pile that has to be chipped.  Hubby wants to show me how to sharpen the blades on the chipper then we might get to that pile today if the heat is not to oppressive. 

Here are the next two trees that we are trying to dig out, the roots are tied together and are giving us some trouble, might have to wait for the boys to help.  Our boys are very helpful around the house,  but we still like to do as much as we can by ourselves. 

We have lots of rocks on our property and here are the ones that have been "harvested" while digging around  the trees we are taking out.  We plan to use them somewhere not sure where yet??  Maybe later today I will take a moment to take some pictures of  what we have already done with rocks on our property.  Over the years some of our neighbors have come and taken rocks to use at their houses as well, maybe we should have a rock sale, LOL.   

 Guess I better get moving or I won't get anything done!


  1. Your Frolic quilt looks wonderful! Such pretty colors in that line. I don't get to use the chainsaw. You're a lucky woman! LOL

  2. Oh Denise your quilt is lovely... love the colour scheme you have going on there... great job.

    You rock girl... chainsaw and backhoe... you are a brave woman.

    Oh can I have some of your rocks... I am so jealous, I have an obsession with rocks... I have them all over my yard.

    Have a great day and don't work too hard.

    Hugs, Deb

  3. I love your frolic quilt. The colors are beautiful.

    You accomplished a lot with that backhoe and chainsaw.

  4. The Frolic Quilt is coing along nicely and its beautiful!

    I am amazed at all the work you and your dh got done with the trees. I haven't been on a tractor in years.

    I love rocks in the yard. I have a few, but not as big and nice as yours. I think ours were brought from the mountains, because rocks aren't found around here normally.

  5. Wow! A backhoe? I'm impressed. I'm scared to even sit on one of those huge machines and here you dug out a tree. What a woman! :-)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm following you now...


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