Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Plans

A few years ago when I was working outside the home and the boys were in school I had a planner that I never left home without.  In this planner I had all my contacts, to do list, calendar with all the boys sporting events, school events, and where I needed to be for work on each day.  It was great because I could also write notes on specific dates and I could always go back and find notes from previous days.  When my husband was in the hospital I NEVER left the house without it, I used it to help plan the changes we needed to make to our home, for business cards of the people that I need to contact and for marking dates of when I called someone or when I mailed specific paperwork, etc.  I continued to use this for the first 1 1/2 years after he came home and then when things slowed I used it less.  Today I decided that I would try to start using it daily, I set it up for menu planning and for my short & long term to do list, I also have a section for pantry stocking.  It of course also had a daily planner in it and I will use this for things I plan to do on a specific date, etc.  It is small enough to grab and take with me when I go somewhere. 

Menu that I have planned so far,    Monday:   Marinated chicken
                                                                     canned corn & mashed potatoes
                                                     Tuesday:   Beef Stew
                                                                      bread & butter
                                                      Wed.:       Leftovers
                                                      Thurs.:      Grilled Steak  w/grilled veggies
                                                       Fri.:          Out for Dinner
                                                       Sat.:         Beans & franks

Of course all is subject to change, but everything on the menu is from the freezer & pantry.  I promise my next post will have photos, hubby is using the other computer and I can't upload any from this older computer. 


  1. Sounds good Denise! You are getting very organized.I love using a planner Mine is always changing. Sometimes I don't use it at all and other times I use it all the time.But its a great tool, when I keep it up to date.

  2. Dear Denise,
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog ~
    I am a list writer, always have been. Sorta keeps me on track. One thing I need to work on is my menu planning!

  3. Hi Denise,
    You have been peaking in my window again. LOL I started keeping a notebook today too. I brought a new planner for 2011. It is so neat. I am going to really love it. I posted the Buttermilk Pie recipe. :)Menu planning sure has helped me. I loved your menu. Everything looks yummy.

  4. I don't have a planner to carry with me but I have one on my desk that I use all the time. When I sewed all the time I would put pieces of fabric that I wanted to find coordinating fabric for in the sewing section of my planner.

  5. I used to be the most organized person I I get older I am becoming the most un-organized person I know.

    I am constantly bucking the system,I don't want my life to be that organized anymore... I want to be more spontaneous and free of schedules. That is my newest excuse for becoming a true procrastinator. I must admit it is a lot more fun.

    Hug, Deb


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