Saturday, August 21, 2010

No Sewing For Me

Last night was FNSI and I didn't get any sewing done, I got a better offer (sorry Heidi and Bobbi).  My oldest son and his girlfriend came for supper with the grand-dog, I love sewing but wouldn't chose that over a visit with my children.  I probably could have sewed for a bit after they left but I was tired from working outside most of the day. 

Today will be another outside work day, the weather is going to be beautiful and comfortable so I need to get more done while it's nice.  I am planning on taking it easy on Sunday and Monday, hopefully we will have rain showers late Sunday and all day Monday!!  We certainly need it, when the dogs play out front all I can see is a big cloud of dust.  I will try to take photos today, but really nothing exciting is going on just work on the woodpile, fixing the stonewall out front that was pushed several winters ago by the snowplow.  I raked the "stuff" that accumulates along the road side of the wall on one side of our driveway and now I need to do the other than I can mow the crabgrass that grows there (like I need more mowing) it just gives the front a neater appearance.  This time of year when it cools off I get ambitious to tidy the yard again, the more I do now the easier things are in the spring, boy I sure have noticed that each year my body protests more, maybe I need to get into better shape, LOL.  What are you going to do today?

I look forward to seeing what Granny J did for her first FNSI and seeing what  Debbie J worked on I'm sure it's something beautiful, if you haven't been to their sites be sure to check them out.  They both have a second blog,  Debbie has one for about her quilting and Granny has one about her recycling/reuse of the things she comes across in her daily life so when you have a free moment grab the beverage of your choice and check them out who knows where they might take you! 

Have a great day.


  1. I'd trade a visit with family over sewing any day. The sewing will always be there but family time is precious.

    I see you've added more to your To Do List. You're more ambitious than I am. lol Hope you don't overdo it today.

  2. Hi Denise, yes family is more important than sewing. We have family over this weekend and attended a family reunion today. One of our guests brought me some of her remnants from a lifetime of sewing. So I did get to think about sewing, even if I didn't sew anything. I am planning to get my 9 patch quilt pin basted this week, somehow, so I can start quilting it on the machine. Also I plan to start some kind of handwork that I can work on while watching tv. That sounds appealing to me now that summer is dragging to an end. Debbie J.


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