Thursday, August 12, 2010

Electricity Challenge

Just finished reading Mary Ann's post and I decided that I would share a challenge I have been thinking of doing.  When I received my electricity bill for last month I almost fell over, it was almost double the KW usage, we used the AC a lot and the welder some last month.  It got me to thinking that I would like to challenge myself to try to lower my usage in the coming months as much as possible.   I plan on unplugging stuff we are not using, you know the stuff that still has a little light on even when it is not in use, I have used power strips for some of our TV, DVD, etc and at night I shut the whole strip off with one button!  I also need to go around the house and see what else is secretly sucking electricity, for instance in my sewing room I have a TV, Direct TV box and a clock radio, even when I am NOT using them they use some electricity!  Down in the spare room in the basement we have a TV and DVD player plugged in, I hardly go in there (it's where the exercise equipment is, LOL) I should unplug everything or use a power strip.  I did this last year and noticed a decrease in my usage, we are supposed to be getting so called Smart Meters soon wonder if those will help with tracking saving?? 

While I don't like to get political, etc. I want to share that some  "stimulus package" will be paying for the installation of these "Smart Meters" and  it will NOT be stimulating new jobs, at least 140 meter readers will be OUT OF A JOB.  The real kicker is that the company that owns our power company is NOT an American company so profits will not stay in this country.  Okay now I am off my soapbox, but I want people to know how some of this money is being spent, NOT stimulating jobs. 

Back to the challenge, I plan to start in earnest at the end of the month when my meter gets read, does anyone else do this??


  1. We cut our electric usage back some when we went to a front loading washing machine (electric hot water heater). I also use my dishwasher at night. I start it after 10p.m. when the rates are lower. We are on the budget plan and at the end of the year our payment went down because we used less than they figured we'd use.

  2. Great idea Denise.

    I am afraid to get my bill this month... it is going to be a whopper too.

    We already have the smart meters... expect the electricity to go up... you'll be laundry after 9:00PM on week days... as soon as they get everyone using the power then you know what will be around the corner... now they have tacked on HST on all our utilites, that is another 8% tax added... HST is 13% on everything else. Your ecomonmy will be growing again, because all the Canadians have gone back to shopping in the states again. Gotta love those politicians.

    BTW if half your power goes out after they install that thing call them first and save yourself the $95.00 electrician bill... they installed mine wrong but we had to rule out everything else first.

    Hugs, Deb

  3. Our electric bill almost doubled when the really hot weather we have been having hit! We try to watch our watts, but that ac is the culprit, I am afraid.

    I have been hanging out 2 or 3 loads of clothes on Saturdays, weather and time permitting. Also putting some on drying racks.

    In your neck of the woods the electric bill may be higher in the winter, so its a good time to start working on your challenge. Our bill goes up in the winter too, but summer is the worst.

  4. Hi Denise,
    I read my meter every Friday during the month so I can see where we are. It really helps me keep tabs on our usage.
    Thanks for your encouraging words.


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