Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This One's for You Granny J

Quite some time ago I mentioned that I would post photos of my salt glazed pottery collection.  Today Granny J shared her jar collection and I mentioned  to her that I didn't "collect" jars but I had a collection of them, I wasn't sure if that statement made sense!  So here's a little tour of most of my collections........

Here are some shelves in my kitchen, the basket on the top shelf has recipie booklets and pamphlets and the basket on the lower shelf has all my kitchen towels (looks like it's time to do a load of laundry it's almost empty).  The bowls I found at Mardens (a local salvage store) for $2.99 each and I loved them because they are the colors in my kitchen, the best part is they are useful and pretty!  The jars have stuff in them that I use, like potpourri, whole cloves, baking powder, oatmeal, etc.

This is a cubby in the computer cabinet, a Wally World special, wonder if I could paint this black and make it look primitive??  In recent years I have scaled back on the decorative "stuff" that I have, I tend to get things that serve a purpose and TRY to stay simple with nick nack stuff.
This is the top of the computer cabinet, the bowls I got at a yard sale earlier this summer and the basket has stoneware that I use when I make shortbread.  The candle and berries I got at a yard sale several years ago, I plan to use it some day, maybe I should save it for when we have a power outage! 

This angle shows the dining area,  you can see where the shelves are in relation to the "kitchen" area.  If you look out the window you can see the plywood covering the hole that I stepped thru earlier this summer, not sure if redoing the decking will be a fall or spring project??

This is may garlic keep and spoon rest, if you look closely you can see the cob webs  early Halloween decoration in the corner. 

The kitchen sink window, the three pieces on the right are some of the first pieces that my hubby got me about 20 years ago (the utensil holder above is also one) I am sure he didn't realize what he was starting when he gave those to me!  I keep my sugar in one, the candle holder is the one I found free at the Treasure area at our dump Transfer station. 

While this is not a piece of pottery or jar, this is one of my best yard sale finds.  I have always wanted a Kitchen Aid but never could bring myself to spend almost $300 on one!  Last summer the farmhouse down the road was having a yard sale and I knew there would be some very interesting things, the house had been in the family for over 100 years.  Along with some garden tools I saw this and it was marked $50, it was in excellent shape, I talked them down to $40 (I checked to see if it worked) .  It is less then 10 years old but in almost new condition, the lady that had it hasn't lived there for at least 5 years and I don't imagine she did much baking.  I am glad I have my Kitchen Aid and I am really glad that I didn't spend $300 for it!  Isn't she pretty!!

Everyone has to have at least one jar with change in it!
Here are the jars in my sewing room......

Deb see our truck  that could deliver some rocks to your yard (just kidding, I don't think we could afford the gas to get to your house).
I still have a few other pieces that I will save for another time.  Hope you enjoyed my collections.

P.S.  I hope I caught all my typos....


  1. You have a flair for decorating that I certainly don't have. lol I love the way you've decorated with items that you really use, not just display items. Your colors in your kitchen are so warm and inviting. Thanks for sharing pictures of your lovely home. The salt glaze pottery and jars go really well together.

    Just yesterday Grampy and I stopped at a thrift store and I bought a little candle similar to yours in the second to last picture.

    That was a really good deal on the Kitchen Aid. I see them at thrift stores for over $100 and they look like they've been well used. Yours looks brand new.

  2. Denise, I enjoyed seeing the inside of your home. I love the style you've created and your collections. :o) No typos either.

    ps, I have some because my laptop is still messed up, but when I get to work I try to fix them! LOL

  3. Denise your home is lovely... you are more prim than you think... I too like the idea of using what you have instead of just a decoration... I can't say the same in my house... I have way too much eye candy.

    Hahahaha, I will pay for the gas if you deliver those rocks... Didn't you say you wanted to see Canada anyway. We really aren't as far apart as you think. Okay well maybe a bit... see if I was in Nova Scotia where my family originated and most of them are still there we would be neighbours...lol

    Do you think UPS would deliver them...lol

    BTW, love your new look... do you share your chocolate... I don't...lol... I hide it in the freezer in case you are looking for it.

    Hugs, Deb

  4. I love the color of your Kitchen Aid. I've never seen one that color. Very nice. You were blessed to find one for so little. I love mine and would snatch another one up in a minute for a spare if I could find one that inexpensive. My beater broke and hubby just recently welded it back together. It's working great. :-)

  5. Hi Denise~
    Thanks for the sneak peek into your lovely home! The color of your kitchen is so warm and inviting. You have a great eye for decorating and I especially like that you "use" your jars and such. I like to store stuff in mine as well and have a bit of a fettish when it comes to old canning jars.
    What a great deal on your kitchen-aid. God is so good! He truly does give us the desires of our hearts if we just wait on Him.
    Blessings to you~ Birgit


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