Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to Shawn

Today is my son's 22nd birthday.  I made a chocolate cake from scratch, yes completely from scratch, no box.....flour, sugar, eggs, vanilla, water, milk, baking powder, baking soda, & Hershey cocoa powder.  I then made my from scratch frosting, I am trying my best to work from what I have here as much as possible, while I did go to the store for more milk, a necessity at my house, I chose NOT to by a box cake.  I have enjoyed reading about how many of you are being more frugal, not wasting what you have, and using what you have in your pantry.  So I will do my best to work on that, when I fail I just get up and start over again!

Now for what I did yesterday,  hubby and youngest son, Nate, headed up the coast to Rockland to pick up a new cab body for our OB (orange beast) '68 dump truck.  Gee I wonder if my hubby will look for a replacement body for me when mine gets rusty, LOL.  After they left I read my daily readings then I did a little blogging while having my coffee.   One thing I need to do is wake up earlier, it is really nice to do my bible reading when no one is distracting me, small sacrifice to get up a little earlier, I will work harder on that.   Then decided to get the bananas taken care of, I made 2 loaves of bread, froze one and we are eating the other.  Then I made a sauce with the handful of ripe tomatoes that I knew we wouldn't eat before they went bad.  I learned something in the process, wait for the sauce to cool, BEFORE putting the blender cover on and starting it!  It was a little messy, thankfully I didn't burn myself, after adding some peppers, celery, onions and garlic powder I simmered it some more and froze it.   Somewhere in between I did a quick "white tornado"  through the house.  I also put the leftover stuffed shells in the freezer, so we have some goodies in the freezer for the crazy nights that I am too tired to cook!  I also got several loads of laundry washed and hung out to dry and put away some already dried clothes.  Took some breaks to check my blog friends, then I decided to go outside.  I weeded the area directly in front of the house and used the leaf blower to clean the driveway.  Then I decided to clean up myself and read the rest of the latest book I was reading.  Hubby called when they drove by a quilt shop and made sure he let me know that I missed it, LOL, I told him we would have to plan a day trip this fall!!  Doesn't sound like much but, I really felt great at the end of day.

Gotta get suppa done, hope everyone is having a great day.


  1. Sounds like a very productive day! Glad you got so much accomplished! :0)

  2. Hi Denise,
    Sounds like a slow but busy day. My body is already rusted. LOL I love to bake too. I made cinnamon rolls. It was like we baked together just miles a part. :) What are you reading?
    Have a simple week end.

  3. Happy birthday to your son! I know he enjoyed the made from scratch cake his Mom made.

  4. Happy Birthday to Shawn. I love homemade cake and icing and I'm sure Shawn enjoyed it also. Yours sound like a very busy and productive day. I sewed most of the day and am worn out tonight.


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