Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Roadside Garden

Finally, I got to weeding the garden that goes alongside the road! I did some rearranging after talking with someone that designs gardens, two of my sons work at a nursery so I am "connected". The good thing is that I had all the plants except a rhododendron. I had to split the daylillies and remove a hydrangea (that went into another garden that will get tweeked later) now I just need to give it time and it will look great without requiring much care!

Since I forgot to take "before" photos here is a pic of the pile of weeds and clippings that I cleaned up.

We are expecting showers this evening into the overnight so that will be a big help since I just transplanted many of these babies and hate to water. It looks bland now with no blooms but I know in the coming weeks the daylillies will bloom and with in a few years everything will fill in.


  1. Looks really good! wanna come work in my herb garden???? LOL

  2. You've made it look so nice with all your hard work! Its gotten so hot and humid here I can't work outside too much. Maybe Saturday morning if I get out there early.

    I googled Rotini Casserole and found one version that sounds good to use up some of those french fried onions. I'm not sure if its like yours, but thanks for the idea!

    Here's the one I found:


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