Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Found Treasure

Today was a beautiful day, not as humid as yesterday. I puttered around the house doing laundry, mowed the grass, and took care of the trash and recycling. It was one of those days that I ended up spending time tidying up the laundry room while I was down there doing laundry. My laundry room is an unfinished room in the basement, it could be catogorized as a very very large walk in closet. Our furnace and oil tank are in this room as well as shelves to store items that we use infrequently but need easy access to such as the turkey roasting pan , paint, etc. The problem is that things don't always get put back in their proper place and after awhile I need to tune up the room then I can tolorate going down there to do laundry. I didn't plan on tidying up down there or I might have taken a picture (maybe not, it's not a pretty room) to show how messy it was :0( Even now it still needs work, we need to add more shelves and paint the floor again then it would be as finished as I plan on making it.
Back to the reason for the title of FOUND TREASURE, today I went to our transfer station (dump), we don't have curbside service. So I left the house with the truck filled with trash, newspapers, metal for the metal bin, etc., and some items for the Treasure Chest area. The Treasure Chest area is a place that you can leave items that still have usefulness and you can take items that you might be able to use. Sometimes when I go there it is very picked over, but today it was full, probably from leftovers after yardsales?? I found a place to set my stuff down and looked up and saw a salt glazed candle holder, not something I would have ever thought I would find there! It has a small chip on the edge, probably why it was discarded, but I love this stuff and I can place it so the chip doesn't show.
The past few days have been jackpot days for my pottery collection, I found these three votive candle holders at a secondhand shop on Sunday.

Hoping to get some sewing done tomorrow, the weatherman says rain in the AM and I haven't done any sewing for two whole days and I'm starting to get cranky. lol


  1. Congratulations on your finds. I love that color of blue. It's still raining here off and on for days now.

    Have a good day sewing.

  2. Denise! The Lord must have put that there just for you! How nice to find a treasure like that.

    Your day spent puttering sounds like heaven to me.

    Hope you have a good day sewing today.

    I was too tired to sew last night, but maybe tonight.....


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