Saturday, June 19, 2010

Friday Night Results

I really enjoyed Friday Night Sew In and look forward to the next one. I was able to start in the late afternoon and since we had leftovers (thank God for them) I got back to my sewing fairly quickly. The first thing I chose to work on was finishing the last two #6 blocks for my Civil War quilt, our monthly meeting is next week and this will be the first time I am completely caught up!

The next project I chose to work on was the All Star Quilt that I began about 1 1/2 years ago and haven't worked on it much since then. Below are pictures of how each block goes together (all the cutting was completed) first I made a 45 degree line on the back of each of the smaller pieces then placed right sides together and sewed on the line.

Then I cut each one leaving a 1/4 " seam allowance and pressed the seam to one side, this gave me one of the three strips that make each block.

Here are the strips laid out the way they are to be sewed together, two of the pieces from the previous step and one tan strip in the middle.

Here are ALL of the pieced strips and a few of the partial blocks. Although I didn't get all of the blocks done, I did make a huge dent in the piecing and this certainly gave me the jump I needed to get this one done. Stay tuned as I will continue to work on this one in between other projects. I will also show how the blocks are laid out which will explain the All Stars name, I will also check to see who designed the pattern and share that as well.

I didn't quilt til late into the night as I had originally thought I would, instead my husband and I went to a Babe Ruth League (13-15 year olds) game at 8pm. My husband used to coach, when our boys were in that level , and we still have friends still involved. It was a beautiful night to watch a game, I wish I had brought my camara as the field is truly a gem, it is also the field that the Sanford Mainers play on (they are a semi-pro league). So I had a great evening, sewing and "date" night, then on the way home (11pm) we decided to stop for a late night snack at one of the "gut" truck joints in town. We had clam cakes and fries and boy was it good, we haven't done that in ages!
Later I will share some early morning yard sale finds :0)


  1. Sewing, a ball game and a date all in one night. It doesn't get much better than that. I'm especially looking forward to seeing the All Star blocks when they're complete. I love the colors.

  2. Its wonderful that you got so much accomplished and still had time for a date night! Your blocks are really looking good!


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