Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Bear Rug

What do you think of the Bear Rug in my sewing room? Midnight decided to join me while I worked on block 6 of my Civil War Quilt. He often joins me, sometimes to bark and tell me he wants attention and other times to cover the floor!

I decided that I wasn't going to bed until I had completed one of the four #6 Civil War BOM blocks. I wanted to see if I would have trouble making it the proper size and have the directional fabric looking good (yes I know that sounds picky) and everything went well size wise, I only had to turn one section and voila it was finished. This one is not difficult just a lot of HST (half square triangles) to make. I did make the best of my sewing time by using Leaders & Enders idea (you can order the book by Bonnie Hunter) from Quiltville thanks to Debbie J at Homemaking Dreams for mentioning the book and site. I got quite a few HSTs done, it's amazing how simple suggestions save so much time, wonder why I didn't think of that on my own. For me, one of the joys of blogging is reading suggestions from others and being led to sites like Quiltville and many other wonderful places and not using a drop of gas or spending a cent. Not to mention the wonderful people you meet and feel connected to.
Here's the completed block, and below is the block and the stack of finished HSTs and triangles waiting to be finished.
Thanks again to all my new friends in blogland for your great suggestions, keep them coming.


  1. That quilt block is beautiful. I love the colors. Midnight sounds like quite a character.

  2. I love how the block is turning out and I love using leaders and enders! I want that book from Bonnie at Quiltville too!!! I just may order it with my paypal money. :o)

    Your quilts are so nice.

    I had a dog once who would lay on my feet in the winter time while on the computer. :o)


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