Friday, June 4, 2010

Ready for Quilting

Yeah, I am ready to quilt this one. I did learn not to get directional fabric for the back, I know this is Quilting 101, but it was one of those that almost looked nondirectional (not sure if that's a word). I needed to piece this one side by side, it doesn't show that much because it's so busy but lesson learned. I have been using a spray quilting adhesive to hold things together but I may try pinning next time, I have done that before but I like the adhesive.

I think I will TRY not to start anything new until I get my Civil War BOM caught up (2 months behind) and work on my Green Piece. Green Piece is very very behind and I have already decided not to stress about it and just keep working on it. GP BOM has pieced blocks and wool applique it is only the third BOM that I have ever done and I like getting each months block/stuff done within the month (one of my little quirks) but this is not just one block each month it's 2 pieced plus some applique blocks. I will get some pictures of what it will look like for another post. The first BOM thatI finished earlier this year is waiting for me to stitch the binding, I got that one done early. It's in this picture waiting for me. The weather forcast sounds like it will be a great weekend to get some quilting done, since I can't control the weather I guess I will make the best of it!


  1. Pink/brown and blue/brown are two of my favorite color combinations. I love both your quilts shown here.

    I am planning a blue/brown baby quilt for my niece. Just in my head so far.

    I haven't ever tried the adhesive on the quilts. I might just try that some time soon.

  2. I really like the browns/blues together. The backing material is perfect. The quilt with the pinks is gorgeous. You do amazing work. Thanks for sharing.


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