Sunday, June 20, 2010

Good Luck to My Son

I just wanted to take a moment to wish my youngest son good luck. He left early this morning for Kansas City, MO to compete in the Skills USA Nationals, he won Gold in Maine in his catagory. He just finished his first year of a two year program at Eastern Maine Community Collete in Bangor that is who he is representing. This is also his first time flying and he is certainly going to get a good dose of take offs and landings. He left our house at 2am to drive 3 hours north to Bangor Int'l Airport for a 7 am flight, he has a short layover in Philly, then south to Charlotte, NC then finally Kansas City! Hope he does well, but we are proud of him for getting this far, so Good Luck Nate!
This was him at about 6 months, I'm sure he would love it if he knew I shared this photo :0)


  1. We are a little over an hour from Charlotte. If he has a lay over on the way back and wants company or needs anything let us know.

  2. Good luck to Nate. What a cutie he was, and I'm sure he still is!

  3. Good luck to your son. Hope he does well. That is one adorable baby picture.


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