Friday, June 18, 2010

Are You Ready for Some Sewing....

Have you got your bobbins loaded and ready to go? Tonight's Friday Night Sew-In, what are you going to work on, do you know or are you going to wing it?? Here are the projects I would like to tackle:

I have two more #6 blocks for Civil War BOM, cut and ready.
The All Stars quilt also cut and ready to continue working on, I have 46 blocks completed and need a total of 120.

I also have all of this Green Piece that I can tackle if I feel like cutting.

Today is going to be the first of three hazy, hot, humid days maybe some of you ladies further south might have some relief. So who knows I may get in my sewing room this afternoon instead of tonight. What time do you hope to get started? Happy sewing.


  1. I hope to join the Friday night sew-in soon. I love, love, love the colors in the civil war BOMS.

  2. You are so organized Denise!!! I can tell you are going to get lots done! I still haven't decided what I'm making, but have an idea rolling around in my head this afternoon. Something totally unrelated to anything else I've been sewing. :o) Its hot here too!

  3. I will have to join in this winter when I do most of my sewing. My mother made over 700 quilts for all her children, grand, great, great great grands, nieces, nephews, and friends before she died. Everytime she sat down she had a needle in one hand and a quilt block in the other.


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