Friday, June 11, 2010

Nothing New

Yesterday was a rainy day and I had planned to spend the entire day sewing, but instead I got to visit with my sister. That was better than spending the day sewing since we don't often get to be "face to face", we talk often on the phone but don't get to visit. We only live 20 minutes away from each other but she has younger children and she homeschools so that takes up most of her day.

I did get Civil War BOM Block 6 cut and sewed a few pieces, I still feel on target with this quilt. With everything cut and ready I can sew whenever I have a few minutes. The real test is when I measure the completed block, I do try to measure each section which means that if each small section is correct then the final SHOULD be correct. It's amazing how being off just a little with the seam allowances can make things off by 1/4 to 1/2 inch! I really like the colors in this block, my photo doesn't really do justice to the colors.

The weather is beautiful today low 70s and sunny so outside projects today. Have a great day.

ONE NOTE: Yesterday, while showing my sister my fabric stash she became concerned that I might have a fabric addiction! I thought you might be able to relate if you have anyone in your family that doesn't sew and can't understand why anyone would ever NEED that much fabric :0)


  1. Oh my, that sounds like my sister. As long as you don't have to carry it around in the trunk of your car to hide it, you don't have an addiction. I love your new header for the blog. That poppy is gorgeous. I also like the quilt block. Very nice colors.

  2. Don't you just love well meaning relatives that want to "fix" you? I have a sis like that too, and she just doesn't get the fact that I really enjoy what I do. OK, yeah i have too much. But I DO stuff with it and make it a rule to use what I have before purchasing anything for a project I have going. It's so much more challenging that way. And rewarding too! Someday I'll give it up and get rid of my stuff, but not until I'm tired of making things or become unable. Sorry for the long diatribe, it just gets me when people get critical of something you're proud of.
    Love your quilt block, I wish i could do something that precise!

  3. My stash is my palette, no one would say a painter has too much paint, right? :-) I'm just doing my bit to keep the economy rolling along. Love your fabric for your Civil War block.

  4. Hi Denise, I like your new blog design! Looks good. Don't worry, if you have a fabric addiction, its ok. I love my fabric too. Just kidding!


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