Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Earning My Keep

Today I did get my coupons cut and sorted, I was also able to make a list of the things that were on sale at CVS and Shaws that we use and were a good deal.  Shaws has a "card" that allows you to get things at the sale price, no card no sale price!  I only shop there for the sale items as most everything is marked up and in the past when I have done my weekly shopping there it costs me $10-20 more than at Hannaford or Walmart.  Here is what I use to organize my coupons, it is sturdy and large enough to hold what I have and much smaller than the plastic shoebox tote I use to bring!!  Normally, I put the coupons that I plan to use in the front section then when I place the item in my cart I slide the coupon under the paperclip, this save time and confusion at checkout :0)

So at Shaws ... I was happy to get cereal that we eat regularly for Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) and I had a coupon to boot so that made it a very nice price.  I like to compare prices by the unit price so I know if I am really getting a good deal, I used to keep a price book like Amy Dacyczyn author of The Tightwad Gazette Series.  I got out of that habit too, I'm not sure if I will get that detailed again or check as I go along???  I also got eggs on sale and will check on some egg recipes for the coming weeks and lastly bologna, I did well to only get the sale items. 

At CVS...I splurged and got a Thomas' English Muffins 12 pk for 1.99 on sale it's even a savings over the store brand I usually purchase.  I might go back and buy one more pack for the freezer, if I get over there again this week.  I also stocked up on hand dishwashing liquid, personal products BOGO w/coupon, and paper towels.  I missed out on the VO5 shampoo but that comes on sale regularly and I still have some for now. 

At Hannaford I bought a few items that I had coupons for(that would expire today) and were a great deal.  I was happy to see that I had a total of 9.25 in coupon savings for my small order today.  Unfortunately, that doesn't happen every time but it's a REstart on my couponing! 

Here are photos of my two "pantry" closets, one is a shelf in the linen closet in our bathroom and the other is a hall closet that I "repurposed" into a pantry a couple of years ago for food items and overflow kitchen stuff.  You can even see the corn that I got by the "pallet" lol :0) I know it is very full so I need to start planning the menu, but for me having a full pantry allows me to sale shop better, but I still need to use more of what I have!!  I'm also stocked for plenty of baking when the temps outside are cool.  Sorry this post is so long but I got carried away sharing.  Gail, Rose, and Granny J I guess I have repurposed before, still not as nice or creative as what you have done.  Have a great evening.


  1. I love your hints on couponing. I'm getting a large paper clip out right now. I usually have Grampy hold on to them and when I get to the front of the store he has no idea where he laid them down. LOL

    Your pantry looks great.

    I've been just putting my coupons in an old envelope but will look for one of the coupon holders like you have. Much better and simpler.

  2. I enjoyed seeing your coupon organizer, pantry and deals! You are doing so good and are very organized. I still haven't gone through Sunday's inserts yet!

  3. Hey, your hall closet pantry looks a lot like mine! Good job with your couponing and sale shopping!


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