Monday, July 5, 2010

Long Weekend....with a Summer Cold

At the end of last week I noticed that I had a tickle in my throat and was hoping that it was just allergies from grass and the usual summer stuff. Friday I knew that it wasn't allergies but in fact a cold so I decided that it was a hint for me to take it easy.  The only thing that had to be done was to mow the grass and I did that on Friday before I felt really bad.  I did a little sewing Friday and on Saturday I spent most of the day napping and just taking care of myself and by Saturday evening I did feel better, not as tired.  The weather has gotten very hot and humid and just misrable to have a stuffy nose so another excuse for me to stay low key.  We were invited to my son's house for a cookout on Saturday, but decided that it would be wise to stay home instead of sharing my germs with others :0(   Since we don't have small children we did not feel we had to attend the fireworks and parade so we just stayed home. 

Before you feel sorry for me LOL,  I did feel well enough to get to the store and of course I had to stop at Kathie's Quilt Shoppe to check out the specials for July and to get my bag for her BYOB Club.  No it's not what you think it's Bring Your own BAG, purchase one of her canvas bags and receive 10% off the total of regular priced items when you bring your bag back (a great way to Go Green) she will also be having some special promotions using this bag in the future.  Here's my bag, empty right now but I'll show you some of the things that came home in it this weekend!

I finished the top of my small quilt that I made with pink chocolate scraps, I didn't have enough scraps for a backing so....I went to get backing fabric, it's in the picture below with the small quilt.  I also picked up the Moda U Four Patch pattern (from the sale room), the Strip Down pattern looked like a fun easy project to use up some of my stash so home it came.  I also saw the pink fabric in the sale room and thought it would be great to add to my stash so it also came home in my new bag! 

The magazines also came home with me, they were from earlier this year and they were in the sale room, my neice is going to receive these this evening, we are going to a Little League All Star game to watch her brother play.  She is going to be learning to quilt this fall at a homeschool enrichment class and I'm going to be her sidekick in class.  I thought the magazines would be a chance to peek at the fun stuff that she will play with use if she likes quilting and it will also be a chance to see some of the fabrics that are out there.  On that same note I also found her this BHG Complete Guide to Quilting at a yard sale.  I saw this book several weeks ago and didn't buy it and later was not happy with myself for not getting it.  Saturday morning when I ran out that same house was having another yard sale and thought I would check to see if by some chance it was still there, SUCCESS it was still there so now it's MINE to give to my neice, who is also my Godchild.  I love it when I find something that is in new condition for a fraction of the price, it is regularly $19.95 and she was selling it for $3.00, I have a copy of this book and it is one of my two quilting "bibles". 

Here are a few of the blocks that I worked on this weekend in between napping, coughing, and blowing my nose.  I finished several more blocks from my Green Piece Quilt and added the corners to the stitched ones in the picture.  This one is coming along, I am almost finished with the pieced blocks and then I have quite a few stitched ones left.  There is a pieced inner border on this one as well, I don't know who will get this one yet but I really do love the colors.  I have also been scanning my patterns to see if I can find a quilt that is not too difficult to make for my nephew that is getting married this month.  Don't fret, he and his new wife will be coming here from Greenville, NC area for a visit in October so I have plenty of time as I plan on giving it to them when they visit.  I think Emily Post says you have a year to give wedding gifts.  They are getting married on the 15th of July, wish it would have worked out that we could have gone, but just not a good time for us to be gone :0(

Lastly, here is a picture of the fabrics for the next Civil War Blocks, there are EIGHT of them with LOTS AND LOTS of HSTs in them!  Good thing the colors are beautiful since I will be seeing alot of them. 
Well I'm sure you've had enough of my rantings for today.  Good Night and I look forward to reading about your adventures while drinking my morning coffee.


  1. Denise, you are always so productive! Its amazing that you got so much done, even with a summer cold. You need to tell me your secret for getting so much done!

    I love the way your quilt turned out and also the fabrics and patterns you got at the fabric store. The book from the yardsale is a great find too.

    Hope you are feeling better.

    Debbie J.

  2. Good morning Denise. Glad you're feeling better. Love the blocks with the apple and watermelon slice the best but they're all pretty. The colors in the Civil War Blocks go really well together. Can't wait to see them made up.


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