Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just a Quickie

Just a quick note, I've been outside taking advantage of the cooler temps.  We have a huge pile of wood that needed cutting and stacking, found some muscles that I forgot I had!  Still had enough energy last night to have my own private Friday Night Sew In and I finished piecing the Storybook quilt it's ready to be sandwiched and quilted.  Hopefully, I will get photos of the blocks and book to share with you soon. 

Time to make open the can of Saturday night baked bean and cook the franks!


  1. I hope you didn't overdo it working outside. Take it easy today to make up for it.

    The baked beans and franks sound good. One of our favorite quick meals.

  2. Glad you had energy enough to have your sew time.
    Looking forward to see photos off your Storybook.


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