Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Childhood Book in a Quilt

I decided to start on Kathie's Challenge, we are supposed to make a lap size quilt that represents our favorite childhood story.  The best part of this challenge is that our quilts will be donated to the Maine Children's Cancer Program after they are viewed and fellow quilters try to guess which quilt goes with which story!  I chose a book called Laurie and the Yellow Curtains by Sara Asheron, probably nothing you have ever heard of before but it was the first book that I could read by myself and I still have my original copy. 

Now I have never made a quilt from "scratch" before so I am going to go with the "box" version, which is picking blocks that represent parts of the story from these two books. 

The one with a tree house was originally only a tree, I added the house since the story ends with Laurie getting her own house with "a yellow door and yellow curtains on the window" , I just changed the squares in the middle of the tree.   I think that will be the most difficult so I decided to get it done early. 

 Another part of the challenge is to use  your stash so I am trying to match colors best I can and I think I will change the fabric for the nest on the Henny Penny Block so that it goes better with the fabrics I have used thus far.  I will share as I go along, it is due on August 12 so I have plenty of time to finish and quilt it if I get moving :0)

Tomorrow my niece will be here and I will be showing her how to use her new birthday gift, a sewing machine!  I also plan on taking her to the quilt shop to select  fabrics for her first quilt.  Here are the goodies she will be getting to start what will hopefully be a lifetime of sewing/quilting.

Have a great evening.


  1. Your niece is one lucky lady. I learned to sew on an old treadle machine. I'm sure that with you as her mentor/teacher she will learn to love quilting.

    It is great that you're making a quilt to donate to such a worthy cause. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.

  2. How cool to make a quilt about a book like that! And you have one lucky niece! :0)

  3. SO strange to find your blog. I was looking for a book I read as a little girl. A girl...couldn't remember if her name was Laurie or Laura...wanted a doghouse built with yellow curtains. The carpenter made her a playhouse with yellow curtains. I liked it in part because the girl looked like I did (when I was young). So, I see the book, click on the picture, it sends me to your blog. I see you are a Catholic mom. I'm a Catholic writer. Your name is Denise. My name is Denise. Very strange.

    BY the way, if you watch EWTN, I'm going to be on Journey Home at 7 PM Central (8PM ET) on this Monday night 1/10/11. It's my conversion story - Protestant preacher's daughter to Roman Catholic.

    Thanks for your blog. It was a wonderful walk down memory lane.

    Denise Bossert


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