Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fun Staying Cool....

On Monday evening I visited Birgit at The Primitive Country Bug and loved her "Monday Offerings" so much I decided I had to have 2 of them.  We both live in Maine so I decided to see if she lived close enough that I could take a drive and pick up my goodies, low and behold she does.  So my husband and I decided that today would be a great day to take a drive since we have A/C in the car and had not put the window A/Cs in the house yet (our son helped us put those in before we left).  
It was great meeting Birgit and getting a peak at her lovely primitive home, we hope to get together in the future and check out some prim shops!  I was very impressed with the beautiful card that she had put inside the bag with my goodies.  If you are interested in better photos of my goodies or if you like primitive goodies stop and visit Birgit's blog, she will be having more "offerings" on upcoming Mondays. 
On the way home we were so "cool", that I convinced my hubby to stop at Calico Basket Quilt Shop, it looks small but is jam packed full of stuff.  I live too far away to visit this shop often but it's always fun to oogle fabric!  I did purchase this Kansas Troubles fabric and Nickel Quilts book. 

My house was on the way to being comfortable when I got home and will be better by bedtime :o)    I'm sure the electric company will love me this month!!   


  1. Hi Denise~ I so enjoyed meeting up with you!! I'm looking forward to our next visit together and maybe visiting a prim shop or two. ;)
    I'm glad to see you stopped at the Calico Basket. I love stopping by there once in a while and dream about all the projects that I could do if I could only quilt! :) Thanks again for everything!
    Blessings~ Birgit

  2. Love your goodies! I drooled over her goodies but need to wait till I get rid of more things before I bring something else in. Stay cool!

  3. Your trip yielded some great goodies! Glad your AC is working, since its so hot up there right now. Ours has been going full force for about 3 months!


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