Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's Not Nice to Fool with Mother Nature.............

I told you that I would try get some pictures together for my blog, thought they would be pictures of the Frolic fabric and some other fun quilting stuff, but instead I have these.........

Last night we had the second storm, of what I would consider to be unusual weather for Maine, now you Midwesterners are used to this but not us folks here in the Northeast.   A thunderstorm watch and several warnings were posted for our area and after the one on Monday I was prepared for some strong winds along with thunder and lightening, but along with all of this came several Tornado Warnings NOT watches.  After the weather officials check out the areas where there is a lot of damage we will probably find out that there were several Tornados that touched down.  The northern part of my town is one area as well as several other towns around us. 

Our next door neighbor had two trees that were down across the road so we,  (hubby, me & son, Nate) went over to cut them up and bring them home for to use for firewood this winter (they don't burn wood) .  One of the trees snapped about 15 feet up and the other uprooted and fell over.  We were out after 9pm in the rain limbing and cutting these trees and will probably go back to finish cleaning the stuff on our neighbors property over the weekend.  We have two other trees that he lost on during Monday's storm, they were very fortunate and none of the trees did any property damage.  Here are the toys tools that we had to help us with the task (I wish I had taken pictures last night).

The orange "Cadallic"  has hauled many many loads during our
marriage, the newest is our 2305 John Deere Hydrostat (traded the older standard one last year so hubby could use it) and of course our trusty 30 year old Stihl chainsaw.   

Some of the fruits of our labor,  for most of the 26 years that I have been married we have not had to purchase any firewood, God has provided us with opportunities like this one! 

Whenever we get heavy downpours our side driveway washes out, on Tuesday we got a load of crushed gravel and tried to replace what had washed away on Monday night. 

So hubby had to go from these wheels.......

to these wheels....

He is going to drag the stuff that washed away during last night's storm back up the hill.  He has some creative ideas that we will work on to hopefully prevent more washouts.  One  "idea" involve me and a shovel with the "bossman" directing the ditch digging.  It's times like these, when I would rather be quilting, that I smile and I think of how our lives have changed in recent years, then I thank God for the trials and blessings that He has provided us with, because they have made us both stronger, spiritually and physically!

Gotta go and get my shovel.  God Bless you and have a great day!!


  1. Looks like Mother Nature decided to pick on you this year and leave me alone for awhile...

    I had a couple huge branches come down last year, one demolished my shed and the neighbours "new" one... just got that all cleaned up, few days later another one came down and if it wasn't for my week old canopy flying out to the front and my BIL chasing it, the limb would have landed on him. I can always replace the canopy... MN gets in some pretty nasty moods sometimes, now I talk very nice to her.

    There is always good that comes from bad... glad you got your heat for the winter... I got the new shed I wanted... hope that is the end of her wrath on you and him an excuse to play with his

    Have a great day Denise and I am just so happy that no one got hurt and you didn't have any serious property damage.

    Happy clean up...

    Hugs, Deb

  2. It's always good to get free wood! Gotta love big boy toys! :0)

  3. I'm glad y'all didn't have any major damage. We've been having strong thunderstorms almost every day for the past week. Some of them only last for a few mintues but the winds are really strong. Will you be able to burn that wood this winter or does it have to dry out longer?

  4. When there's a will, there's a way! Looks like you two worked together and made a great team to get the work done. Your skills are well rounded. You can go from quilting to shoveling in the bat of an eye!

  5. That is great no one got hurt..I don't think we will ever get use to the midwestern storms..It is awesome how God provides for us even during bad storms..It's great you have your heat source for the winter.. I know in the winter and your northeasterner storms can be rough..Your quilting is beautiful...Have a great weekend..Lisa


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