Sunday, July 25, 2010

Progress on the Storybook Quilt

This afternoon I decided to continue working on the Storybook quilt, heck I might have this one finished with time to spare!  Instead of taking the red border off of the bird I decided to make more smaller blocks and add the red.  The teacup has been redone using the same background as the others and similar fabrics for the cup and handle, the puppy is the only odd background, but I think I will leave that one, unless I have enough of the background to redo, it will be close for the other two blocks that I need to make.  I took Terry's advice and made the yellow border smaller, it also allowed me to make the center block mathmatically compatiable with the other blocks.  I will be making 2 more blocks with red borders and I will probably add a 2"  blue inner border and a 3" green outer border.  The green border that I hope to use is darker than the one shown, I didn't have a small strip of that one and don't want to cut until I'm sure what size I need.   I will check the quantities needed to see what size or if I can put borders.  Who knows it might be a pieced border, or maybe some blocks in the corners??  While it has been challenging to use scraps that I have limited quantities of I have a new appreciation for those that came before me and only had scraps to use.  

Also wanted to share with you this "warm fuzzy".  I had decided that since the book I chose for this challenge was not a well know story I would try to find one on e-bay to send along with the quilt.  Well I found one today and made an offer for less than the seller was asking,  I included a short note about why I wanted the book, she accepted my offer and she is not charging shipping! 

Have a great evening.


  1. I love the progress you're making on the quilt. I'm anxious to see the finished product and find out the title of the book. That is so sweet for you to try to find the book and the seller to send it to you with no shipping cost.

  2. I'm glad it worked out to make that center block a bit smaller! Your blocks are looking great together! And how cool you found a copy of the book too! :0)

  3. So cute!! It's looking great. I'm amazed at your work, Denise.
    Blessings~ Birgit


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