Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nuttin much going on....

Thought I would just drop a quick note to say I'm alive just  been lazy about posting, hope to get a post with pictures together for tomorrow or Friday.  I did get some yummy fabric for the wedding quilt I hope to start soon and I want to share pictures of it and let you know what quilt I will be making.  The name of the fabric is "Frolic", when Kathie at the quilt shop showed it to me I thought what an appropriate fabric for newlyweds!  LOL 

Picture from the garden....

Time to make supper, talk to you soon.


  1. I love Frolic! I think I need to go shopping and get some before it's all gone! Love your garden photo too! How did you manage to get two butterflies at once? LOL

  2. That is a great name for fabric for a newlywed quilt!

  3. Pretty flowers with the butterflies. I'm anxious to see the fabric you picked out.


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