Thursday, July 8, 2010

Look What I Found

Since we haven't had any rain in a bit I needed to water some of the periennals that I transplanted a few weeks ago, I don't  like to stand and water with the hose so I went out back to our shed to get the sprinkler and found these treasures....

I guess I never really noticed this crate before, the saw was inside along with a teapot (Granny J I thought of you when I saw it).  My husband said it came from his grandparent's garage which means we have had it for probaby 15+ years, thanks to my blog friends my eyes view things like this totally differently now.  I am not sure where it will go, inside or out, I could clean it and use it for storate/display inside??  It has two hinges and each corner is reinforced with tin that looks like it was cut from old motor oil cans, wonder if it was homemade with scraps or if it came home with something in it??  I also love the old saw it has a green handle and a very primitively rusted blade, I just love that it belonged to someone in our family and I will use it somewhere.  Would you paint the box or leave it the way it is??
After reading yet another blog that shared how someone used an old wooden ladder I decided that I would drag the one we have up on my way from the shed so it is one step closer to being used.  I will need to cut it because it is too tall and one piece will be used for displaying quilts and maybe the other will find a home in the garden?  The back yard sure looks like a great project for fall, but I think that will be next year, I'm not exactly sure what I want to do back there and I only want to do it once, you would think after 25 years I would have a great patio back there!  I'm also thinking that I will get some great ideas from my blog friends that I might incorporate into that project. 
Have a great day my friends. 


  1. Oh good heavens Denise, don't paint that crate. I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw it. If you saw that in an antique store it would cost an arm and a leg. I'd give it a very careful going over with a rag wrung out really well and then sit it in my sewing room to hold magazine, patterns etc. I can just see it with an old linen dresser scarf angled on the top. The saw is perfect for putting your last name on the unpainted portion, then below it put est. and the year you were married. It could either go inside or outside. The cut off part of the ladder could be used to display some old linens or outside as a trellis for plants. I like to drill a hole in the bottom of the ladder legs, then slip the legs down over rebar that has been pounded into the ground. That keeps the legs from rotting away and stabilizes the trellis.

    You're coming around girl. Next you'll be proudly posting that you dumpster dived and showing us what goodies you found. Now about that shed, what other goodies are hiding in there? lol

  2. I agree with GrannyJ don't paint it. After wiping it down you can rub it with lemon oil. What a awesome find!!

  3. Great finds that you had right under your nose all along! I've seen saws on display before in the mountains and the ladder can definitely be used for lots of ideas.

  4. Granny J has some nice ideas. I think making it just a bit restored will bring back some of its original beauty. Have fun!

  5. Denise,, thank you for your visit today, but sad under these circumstances...News like this really hurts me.. my son is a Lt USCG along with many other member's of my family..Please give my prayers to this family.

  6. Hi Denise~ What great treasures you've just discoverd. Any other goodies in that ole' shed??
    I have to agree with Granny J, she's got some great ideas and advice. I wouldn't paint the crate either.
    I hope you'll post pictures of your new goodies in their new found places.
    Hugs~ Birgit

  7. We had a big wooden ladder that we didn't have room to store, so hubby gave it away! I'd give anything to have it back now!

  8. grrr... I just sent you a long message and lost it.

    Alright Denise... we are slowly converting you... don't you dare paint that get yourself some Howards Restore, it is for restoring antiques... it's a coloured oil... I always buy the dark one but it comes in all different colours... it will just bring the life back to that box and make it presentable for inside. What an awesome find.

    Don't cut that ladder yet... I am going to send you a pic of an idea I am sure you will love...

    Sorry it has taken me forever to get over here... I have an intermitment signal right now so I am trying to catch up a bit. I finally finished my post from yesterday, sorry to keep you waiting so long... lol

    Now get back in that shed and see what other goodies are sitting there just waiting to be discovered... oh the fun you are going to have when you really start thinking outside the box. It takes a bit of time to train your brain but we are all here to help.

    Have a great day Denise and thanks for being such a great sport.

    Hugs, Deb


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