Monday, June 14, 2010

One Down...

I was able to finish the binding on my Pink Chocolate BOM which now officially puts this one in the completed pile. This was my first Block of the Month and it was done using Thangles. Each month we received several strips and made the very center of each block, the rest of the fabric was available separately to complete the quilt. The photos don't do justice to the colors, but if you are familiar with the Pink Chocolate line you can really appreciate the colors. This is the largest quilt I have completed thus far and also the first one that I had someone else quilt for me on her HQ 16, which I drooled over and would love to have someday (can't really justify the expense, but I can always dream).

I got to quilting this one over the weekend as well, thankfully you can't see the stitches. Not happy with my "stitch regulating" but I need to let it go and realize that it is something that will improve with practice, I hope. I am giving this one to my mom and I know that she will love it even with my so so quilting. I will work on finishing the binding during this week and it too will be in the completed pile.

I'm getting excited for Friday Night Sew-In I think I might work on my All Stars quilt, this one is going to be for me. Believe it or not I haven't kept any for myself yet but soon.... Have you signed up for Friday Night Sew-in yet, if not go to my June 7th post and click on the button and sign up.


  1. Denise your quilts are beautiful. I especially love the colors in the last picture. Great job and I know your mother will love it.

  2. Hi Denise, I really love both these quilts. You did an amazing job and they are beautiful! Can't wait to see your Friday night sewing in project.


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