Tuesday, January 18, 2011

10 Block Sampler

As promised I took photos of the 10 Block Sampler Fat Quarter Quilt that I finished over the weekend.  I really enjoy making these smaller quilts, they are not as difficult as I thought so don't let them scare you!

I added a pocket on the back for hanging but I like it flopped over the edge of my little box.  The nice thing is that I will be making at least 4 more so I can hang the next one!  I'm thinking that the next one will have some applique, not wool but fabric applique.....I've been wanting to learn how to do it the right way, the little bit that I have done in the past was "winging it".  We will see,  I have until Saturday to change my mind several more times, LOL.

Well gotta go work on some more filing.....I'm making progress but I'm also thinking of the best way for ME to be successful in the coming year so I don't have to spend all this time filing every year.......I am going to try a once a month.....or even when I pay a bills I will just run down to file them instead of letting it pile for the year.  I have done well with my receipts so far this month.....I keep them sorted and at the end of the month they will be cleaned out and filed by month/catagory in a small folder.  I know some of you will say why keep receipts, but they are helping me with my budgeting and some are necessary for tax purposes I just need to keep them in order as they come in so I don't go crazy each year!  


  1. I really like that over the box... nice comfy look... great quilt too... love the colour combo.

    I just cleaned out my closet of all that mess from hanging on to bills... now I pay them and shred the previous month.

    Have fun today...

    Hugs, Deb

  2. Your little quilt looks great! Want to come and do my paperwork when you're done? LOL

  3. That little quilt is beautiful. Love the colors. I hate paperwork! Grampy is in charge of that at my house.

  4. I love the colors in this quilt!! It came out just beautiful!
    Stay warm~ Birgit

  5. I love the quilt! The colors are perfect together.

  6. I love the color combo in the quilt. As for the paperwork, I could really use a secretary......:)

  7. I love this little quilt, Denise. I'm very partial to small and mini quilts.
    I'm also one to save and file every receipt. It is time consuming, but well worth the time.


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