Monday, January 3, 2011

Prep Work

Today I spent the afternoon preparing some of the applique blocks for the Green Piece quilt, I only have two more left to cut and iron onto the blocks.  Here are the ones that are waiting for me to stitch........
These are going into the basket next to my chair so in the evening when I am watching TV I can grab one and stitch away! 

I did decide to "bite the bullet" and sign up for the Civil War Chronicles BOM, now I have to "behave" and work on the things I already have.  If I worked on the things I already have here I would be able to keep myself busy for quite some time, hmmmmm wonder if I should challenge myself?????  Wish me luck.


  1. Ohhhh I like those applique blocks. The colors look very springy. Good luck on your challenge.

  2. Good luck Denise! You'll be very busy this year! You will have all kinds of finished projects by the end of the year. I am getting ready to get back into the sewing room too. Haven't been doing too muich sewing except for the runners.

  3. Hi Denise,
    I love those blocks. You did a great job. I have been thinking about you. I will write soon.

  4. Oh Denise those are so pretty... I love those, so fresh looking. You just keep amazing me over and over again.

    Looks like you are going to be one busy girl this year. Can't wait to see your completed pieces.

    Have a great day Denise.

    Hugs, Deb

  5. Your blocks are so pretty! I love the fresh clean look that spring offers.
    What a fun project that will be.
    Hugs to you~ Birgit


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