Friday, January 21, 2011

Snowy Day Fun

It's snowing again today, two storms this week and tomorrow we will start with the "arctic" temperatures!  I would rather have more snow and warmer temperatures, but since I don't control the outside thermostat I guess I will just throw another log or two on the fire!  I have been putting snow around the chicken coop to make an "igloo" for them and I have kept the inside clean (or as clean as possible) with fresh shavings regularly, but the dreary weather and temperatures have slowed down the egg production.....I am hoping that they will fare well in the upcoming cold snap.

Here are a few pictures of the fur kids after the storm earlier this week........
It's Midnight's turn to work on the tunnel, while Hunter supervises!

Hunter on his "mountain" after the storm earlier this week.

I think I will take a break today from paperwork, and start the next fat quarter quilt, it is called "Simply Charming" and has applique.  I want to get all of the piecing done before tomorrow morning and then I will be able to work on the applique part at class. 

The next fat quarter quilt I will make.

These are the leftovers from the All Star Quilt, I love these fabrics and they go nicely with my decor so I'm going to dig in and pick from these!  
The fabrics I will select from for the next fat quarter quilt, "Simply Charming".
I'll try to share my progress later, but I'm also very engrossed in the book I'm reading and could get lost in that and get nothing done! 

For my cold weather friends, stay warm and for those of you that are "enjoying" temperatures above 45 degrees......send some my way, LOL.


  1. BRRRRRR and I think it is cold here. LOL I love seeing what you are working on. Stay warm.

  2. Looks like a fun day for the furkids! I did the igloo thing last winter for the cat. He has a house on the porch and I just piled it with snow to keep the cold out. Seemed to work just fine. Enjoy your sewing! :0)

  3. I love your Ten Block Quilt Sampler, very pretty colors and design. Just another day of snow blowing and shoveling here. I just watched the local weather, more snow forecast for Wednesday and Thursday! Tis winter in Maine.

  4. The furkids look like they don't mind the snow........I see Hunter is king of the mountain. I can't complain about our weather after seeing others....Its 4:45p here and 52deg...stay warm and enjoy your book.

  5. It may get to 40 degrees here today. Yesterday was so cold! And my car broke down at Walmart.... an hour away!

    Your dogs seem to love playing in the snow!


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