Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Plugging Along

Finally updated the daily reflection, that is one area that I continue to work on......

Yesterday one of my Debbie J posted a "Consistency Report" for January, it talked about her progress in the areas that she is working on for this year, just click on her name and you can read for yourself.  After reading her post I thought that if I took the time to post about my progress in the areas I am working on for 2011 it might help to keep me on track.  So here goes.........

1.  Keeping track of receipts, this are the tools that I am using to help keep me straight......

The "receipt keeper" is where I keep the receipts for the current month, then I will transfer them to the larger blue organizer. 

Inside the "receipt keeper" has folders, I have relabeled them to suit my needs.
So far I have kept up with the receipt folders and they are going to help me with the next step, keeping track of expenses.  Each month when I transfer the receipts to the blue folder I will clip the ones that I need for tax purposes together so at the end of the year I can just grab them. 

2.  Quilting, my plan was to work on the items in my stash and minimize the number of BOMs I sign up for, well I did well at the beginning of the month, then later in the month I signed up for a second one, it was only $10/month, but that is really not the point, LOL.  I also did purchase some fabric this month and NO, I really didn't NEED it, this is an area I really need to work on.

3.  Filing, my plan was to stay current on filing the monthly bills, since it's not the end of the month I haven't filed the bills yet this month (except for what got filed earlier while I was "regrouping" from last year).  The overall plan is to at least file once a month any bills or paperwork from the current month. 

4.  Grocery shopping and coupon use, hmmmm this is an area that I really slacked, the receipts for food shopping really helped me to see this!   I need to set up a working system that is easy so I can make consistent progress in coupon use and stay on track!  Those are the areas that I am currently working on.   I did not make any "resolutions" I did what many others chose to do, find areas to improve and work on them, like Debbie J has mentioned in her blog "its important to just keep working on goals and wishes, day in and day out,"  that works for me.  I also realize that it is important that when you fail, you need to move forward and learn from your mistakes, which is sometimes easier said than done. 

Now on to the progress of the Simply Charming FQQ, I started the making the applique pieces on Saturday and haven't been back to them yet.......
The "blank slate".

The first pieces pinned in place.
Later today I am going to work on the "Java" quilt, as I would like to send this along the the recipient sooner rather than later.  I may even "tie" this one instead of quilting it, not sure yet sure of my final decision.

Well gotta get the last of the paperwork filled out for this month, next month I would like to start AND finish our tax returns, then I can really enjoy the coming spring :0)

Have a blessed day.


  1. Wow Denise you just tried me out just reading that. I am so happy that you are getting yourself organized though, it will be nice for you to have lots of free time to play and enjoy your spring...if it ever gets here.

    Hope you are having a great day...xo

    Hugs, Deb

  2. Paperwork is my downfall. I did so much paperwork when I was a manager that now I avoid it at all costs. It sounds as if you have a great system set up.

    Don't beat yourself up over buying the material. You make good use of your material. It's when you buy material and never use it that it's a bad thing.

    I've read that if you itemize your expenses on your tax returns, you can't file until after Feb. 14 so you've plenty of time.

  3. I have to agree Denise...all you can do is set goals and work towards them. It sounds like you're heading in the right direction! Well, except for the BOM and the fabric you bought! LOL

  4. Very organized. Good for you. I also keep my receipts in a folder and at the end of the month I enter them into my computer Quick Books program. This is so great for our business and at the end of the year you just hit a few buttons and everything totals up for you under the proper category.
    I'm also still working on a better coupon method. I've been doing much better this year so far.

  5. I think you are doing great in all the areas you are working on Denise! Keep up the hard work and before we know it, it will be December again and we will be so proud of ourselves.

  6. Dear Denise,
    This is an area I really struggle with ~ and I'm not very good at keeping track of recipts.
    I am a list maker so maybe I should try to keep track of things that way.
    My coupon use is sorta here and there, since I try to buy as little prepackaged food as possible. We usually use them for dog food or toilet paper. What I really need to do is make a good menu plan and stick to it when grocery shopping.
    I love all your quilts! Oh, by the way, I did cut out a skirt and sewed the sides together. I think the hardest part of sewing is threading the bobbin. That will take more than a few times I'm sure before I'm comfortable with it. I am happy to report the sewing maching didn't bite ~ I'm such a scardy cat!

  7. Hi Denise,
    Great progress this month. I posted mine today too.I love all the quilts you have been making. I did a little sewing yesterday.
    You and Debbie help keep me on track.

  8. Denise, Wow You are plugging on..And the quilt is beautiful.. Thank you again for sharing the reflections...Boy did this one hit home.. Believe it or not I love paper work..NOT.. Just kidding.. I try and keep that area in order but so hard to do.. Love that receipt keeper... Have a great day.. Lisa

  9. Gosh Denise you put me to shame, but then I'm an avid list maker and think I'm doing really well until I loose the lists......I need a big file to keep the lists in.

    Because of problems with someone who reads my blog I've had to change my url address.

    florrie x


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