Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year

I decided that it was time to change the daily is finally current!  I will work harder to be consistent as I really enjoy reading and sharing them. 

I did a little stitchery today and started a list of the projects that I have that are unfinished.  I was thinking that maybe I would post them in my sidebar just to remind me of the projects that I have going, NOT as pressure to complete them.....I love having many projects to choose from and will probably always have many going.  I also thought maybe I would follow Terry's lead and make a list of projects finished in 2011, again it would be just for fun, not competition.

I was also contemplating whether or not to sign up for the Civil War Chronicles BOM, it is the second in a series of 5, I would love to eventually have all of them??  The first one in the series is my Civil War Tribute that I am not even half way finished with, I'm not sure what I will do yet, but I need to decide soon as it starts this month.  I also decided that I would not sign up for many BOMs this year, there is so much out there that are free and that would allow me to use my stash such as Bonnie Hunter's Roll Roll,Cotton Boll.  I even thought of  "allowing" myself to sign up for just one and that is it, wonder if I could do it??

I'm planning on spending more time in my sewing room this week, but I also need to get the yearly filing/sorting done.  Maybe this year I will be better at filing and sorting as I go along instead of doing it all in January when I need it for taxes and the other paperwork that I need to fill out at the beginning of the year. 

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  1. I spent today trying to organize my sewing corner so I can finally get something done! Only problem is I have about 10 projects that I must do NOW! I don't think that's going to work out so well! LOL


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