Tuesday, November 30, 2010

One Step Closer to Finally Makin' It.......

Today I ran errands and didn't get much done, but I did round up this stuff...............

 The bag contains alfalfa meal, the rest are the parts that will be added to..............
this blue plastic container.  I also had to "shop" from the backyard scrap wood pile for the frame for this project.  Hubby found a free "how to" on the web to turn all of this into a Rotating Compost Bin, he is having us add the wheels to make it easier for me to rotate it.   When it's all put together it will help me make some wonderful "gold" for my garden, the one I hope to have within the next 2 years.  I gathered all the stuff into the garage so hubby and I can be in nice and warm in the garage while we put it together, not sure when, but soon.  I will try to take photos as I make it so if you are interested in making one you can see how "easy" it is to make your own, LOL

I took this photo yesterday before I started working on the improvements I made to the inside of the coop.  The girls are peaking out wondering what I'm doing. 

Last night when they went inside I was expecting them to be using the new roosting pole I added.......instead one of them decided to roost on the waterer, I went to Tractor Supply and picked up a hanging waterer, that should take care of that problem! 


  1. Oh I can't wait...we have a compost bin but I need to stick a pitch fork in and mix it up...

    We had our first snow today...flurries and oh it is so windy and cold..8's with the wind chill..Not ready for this...

    You are doing alot and have enjoyed reading what your doing..

    Have a great week..Lisa

  2. I'd love to have a compost bin here but the park owners frown on that. I just migth figure a way to camouflage one anyway. I love seeing all the projects you do. Can't wait to see this one.

  3. Okay you have me intriqued on this one... we want loads of pics and a step by step tut... you know we are very visual peeps... love the idea of the wheels.

    When I saw the bird foot I thought you were making one humungous bird feeder... lol... does that have something to do with the compost?

    I hope you don't leave us in suspense too long.

    Have a great day Denise.

    Hugs, Deb

  4. I love the idea of a rotating compost. We just kinda threw one together behind a little fenced in area so the dogs couldn't get at it.
    We hope to have a better garden as time goes by, I try not to get ahead of myself, because I know I'll get frustrated.
    Aren't chickens fun to watch? Our Marianne is the especially curious one ~ always wanting to know what I'm up to ~


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