Sunday, November 28, 2010

Simple Living.......continued

Happy 25th Birthday to my oldest son!

Seems that most of the blogs that I follow all have the same idea......"Simple Living".  I know that I mentioned a while back that I would do a series, well I really feel like I am just striving to do what most of you are already doing or in the process of doing, just in our own individual ways so I will just post things as I go through life, how's that for simple!  I really enjoyed reading this post from Elizabeth she has wonderful ideas.  I have to say that great minds must think alike.....Elizabeth mentioned not saving things for "someday".....well on Thanksgiving morning I climbed up the attic stairs and brought down the set of china that belonged to hubby's grandmother and we used it for dinner.  After washing them I decided that I would find a place in the pantry for them so they could be used frequently for family gatherings.....what point is there is having these dishes if they are in a box in the attic!  Here are a few of the plates and bowls, the rest are still in the box waiting to be washed once I find a place for them!  BTW they are Crookville - Wild Roses, in case anyone is curious.

I put them up there many years ago when we had to take the china hutch out of the kitchen and really had no place for them, it is a setting for I have 12 dinner plates, salad plates, dessert plates, saucers, cups, and many of the serving dishes.  I also have a set of dishes that I got from Princess House many years ago, I have always loved them but never finished buying enough for daily use since we were family of 5..... now that number is smaller so I am going to use those and donate my current ones to a local shelter.  Here are the PH ones.......
I took this photo this summer when I was trying to sell them online, guess I need to keep the since no one else wanted them, LOL.

Our discussion this morning was what to name the "girls", since they are red I thought maybe naming them after famous Lucille Ball and Maureen O'Hara, maybe Lu  & Mo, not sure yet???  So far things are going well, they are still laying, every morning I let them out and give them some "treats" from inside, on the colder days I have been putting warm water in the waterer in the AM and PM, it is getting cold enough for it to freeze now.  I hope that they do okay in the cold, others have told me that they will be fine, hope I do all I should to make the coop warm for them. 

Yesterday was the fourth Saturday of the month so I had my "Fat Quarter Quilting" class, we all shared what we got done from last months.....mine was the "Little Fall Quilt", we had some goodies to eat and began working on the next project.  Here are three blocks I completed yesterday and the fabrics I am working with for this project........
Selection for the next block, subject to change, LOL.
As I mentioned before these quilts are from Lori Smith's book Fat Quarter Quilting (just want to make sure I give credit where credit is due) Here are the fabrics I am "working" from for this project, but I could also dig into my stash if I choose to!

Off to enjoy this beautiful Sunday!


  1. Like you I am trying to make things much more simple around here. Trying to get rid of the clutter and use what I keep. Your hens will do well in the cold. They are very blessed to have you taking such good care of them

  2. I was just going to comment that if you had questions about chickens, Peggy was the person to ask. :)

    I love your Princess House dishes, especially the size of the cups.

  3. I love your rose dishes ~ yes use them.
    After Katrina we learned that stuff is just stuff no use waiting for something special when every day is special.
    Wishing you a lovely Sunday.

  4. I agree...use the good stuff. Don't save it for "special" occasions. Love the PH dishes! :0)

  5. Hello.
    I love this post. Thank you for the sweet comments. I too like Laurie learn through a hurricane stuff is really just stuff. I am so pleased you are using your pretties. Life is just too short.
    Have a simple week end.

  6. Yes I think most of us are doing the Simple life...I read Elizabeths to and she is so right...
    Oh the names of the Hens are great.. I look forward to that journey you are taking with the hens...
    Have a great week...Lisa

  7. I love the dishes! The rose ones are beautiful, as well as the newer set. I have china that I've only used a few times too.

    The quilt blocks are great Denise! I haven't been doing too much quilting lately. It may have to wait until after Christmas.

    Good post, full of good stuff. Like the chicken names.

  8. I think you are rubbing off on me... I have been purging "stuff" all weekend. Cleaned out two closets and finally got my store room cleaned out downstairs. It feels good to get all the clutter I am not using out of my house.

    Good for you for digging out the good dishes and using them. Treasures like those gorgeous dishes should be enjoyed.

    Love your names for the Ladies... and those quilt blocks are gorgeous... love the colour combos.

    Hope you have a great week Denise.

    Hugs, Deb


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