Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Introducing the Ladies..........

Here are the lovely gifts that I receive every morning, sometimes one, but most days I get two!

Here are the ladies responsible for these gifts..................
They have been here for a week now and I am still tweaking their yard, we are also going to have to make a few adjustments to the coop before winter really gets here.  They both got out the second day they were here, I thought they flew over the fencing, but I think they slipped out a small opening in the fencing.   That was a little scary 'cause Hunter, our German Shepherd, was trying to get them, luckily they were in the bushes on the side of the hill and he couldn't get to them.  One got out yesterday and I think I have fixed the problem.

If Hunter was not unleashed we could let them free range, but he roams the yard and would surely get them.  I never thought that I would get chickens, I had a traumatic experience when I was very young and have always been afraid of them ( no laughing), but they have "pecked" me yet!  I hope that I can make everything warm and cozy for them during our cold winter, I have been doing some reading and I am up for the challenge, I will also be bugging Peggy with questions.  I am hoping that they will continue to lay eggs all winter!  I have not named them yet, they really belong to my son, but I am sure that he wouldn't mind if I named them.   So there you have it the "ladies" are chickens!


  1. They are beautiful young ladies!! They look like Red Sex Links which are very good layers and should lay all winter. Now go name them girls! LOL

  2. Those eggs are beautiful and the chickens are very pretty too! I love the thought of raising chickens sometime but have to admit that I'm pretty scared of a lot of animals!

  3. You are on the way to being totally self sufficient. Very nice looking eggs and chickens.

  4. They're rather pretty...for chickens! LOL

  5. Hahaha, you are turning into a farm girl... I would love to have those eggs every morning though. You go girl... what is next Arnold the pig?...lol... well you do need some bacon with those beautiful eggs now don't you?

    Have fun...

    Hugs, Deb

  6. Hi Denise,
    How pretty. My friend Laurie at Rose Cottage by the Sea just got some chickens too. You might check her blog out too.
    Now you just need a cow and a pig and you will have Green Acres.LOL I am scared of Turkeys. We had some when I was growing up and they were mean. They would flocked you.
    Have a happy Thanksgiving,

  7. Denise, OH I am so excited for you...Those eggs look so pretty... I would love to have chickens but can't...they have so many stipulations here and we would never meet them.. I am thrilled for you...

    You have been busy with all the wood you have for the winter..

    It is very cold today...The temps have dropped drastically in the last hour..

    Have a great evening and enjoy your ladies eggs..

  8. Hi Denise!
    Love your girls they are so very pretty! I'm always referring to ours as the Ladies or the Girls. My husband gets the biggest kick out of that. I love the flavor of the eggs too ~
    Hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    Blessings ~


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