Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Today's Work

For the Amish, time is full and generous.
The women move through the day unhurried.
There is no rushing to finish,
to get on to the important things.
All work is important.
                                                                                  ~Sue Bender, Plain and Simple Wisdom~

So today's important work is...........

To put this pile neatly,

in this space, first I have to move the few things that are in the corner and put up the boards that will hold the rows in place.  Our boys put those squares on the wall many years ago to practice thier "pitching" or "target" practicing (no they did shoot real guns in the house, lol) can't remember, but I bet if I asked them they would remember!

This afternoon I will be helping my neice work on her quilt, she is sewing the blocks together and we will then be sewing the rows together.  The goal today is to get the top ready for the border and cut the border, I will try to remember to get some pictures.

What are you working on today?


  1. Today I'm going to get a haircut and then will stop at Goodwill. I'd like to find a couple of soft flannel sheets to use as backing for quilts.

  2. It's a very rainy day here so I'll be puttering about the cottage. Probably make soup or stew for dinner and some rolls

    By the way, the St. Therese picture on my blog I found a long time ago. You are most welcome to use it!

  3. I'm cross-stitching a christmas embellishment to attatch to a gift bag I made for my daughter, while listening to "Enya", And Winter Came, trying to get it finished before the light fades from the day.......then ironing!

  4. Hope you got the wood all done now and are sewing with your niece. I'm sewing pinwheel rows together! :0)

  5. I'll be doing more machine quilting, if I can get motivated enough to get to work! I think I'm about out of white thread and forgot to pick some up today.


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