Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Bargins

 I did get to Mardens's yesterday to peak at the batiks, I didn't buy any yet.  I just remembered that I will have a new baby quilt to make for December so I may make one with the pastel batiks that I saw??  Whenever I go to Mardens's I check the food section (yes, I do check the dates) and stock my pantry when I can.  The best part of the bargin hunting were the books that I found.........
 The Mary Jane's Stitching Room book is one I have been thinking about buying for over a year, thankfully I was patient!  The fat quarter book has some great simple quilts that can be thrown together rather quickly.

 I love history and I was immediately drawn to this book, this will be a great book to read this winter with a cup of 'joe and a warm quilt!  It was in a beautiful sleeve and inside has envelopes with "copies" that look like the original documents that were important to this time period in history.

 The best part were the prices, the 1776 book was originally $65.00.....I paid 12.99, the quilt book was 4.99, and the stitching book was 3.99 sooooo glad I waited I would have been very upset if I would have paid full price, or even the book club price for the stitching room book.

I finished the binding on the Fall Quilt, you can see the corner peaking out of the Frolic quilt.  Before I turned in for the night I sewed the binding then pressed and clipped it on the Frolic quilt, now I can sit in the evening and stitch so maybe by next Friday I will finally be completely finished and send it off.
Have a great day.


  1. Those books look great! And what a bargain you got! Good for you making progress on your Frolic quilt! It's funny seeing Frolic on your blog when I just finished my Frolic flimsy! LOL

  2. I enjoy reading craft books, but like you I'm willing to wait a while for a bargain......while waiting I usually borrow the book I'm interested in many times from my local library. Lovely cosy quilt.

  3. Oh, how I MISS MARDEN's!!!! But, at least we'll be spending our summers in Maine and I'll be able to catch up on the deals!

  4. Great finds Denise and I am sure you will enjoy them. I have a stack of overdue books that need to go back to the library and I'm ashamed to say my fees will be at least $7.00! I could have bought a couple of books like yours for that.

    The binding looks great on your quilt. I am sewing the binding on the pink and white baby quilt while watching football with hubby this afternoon.

  5. Hi Denise,
    I love bargains. I have the Mary Jane's book. You will love it.Dave and I both are history buffs. We watch the history channel a lot.
    Hvae a wonderful week end.


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