Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Before & After

                                                   You pray in your distress
                                                         and in your need;
                                              would that you might pray also
                                                  in the fullness of your joy
                                              and in your days of abundance.
                                                                        ~Kahil Gibran

When I "fall cleaned" my bedroom I also purged a lot of stuff, an important part of simplifying my life.  So here are the "before" photos...........

After the cleaning was finished I added a few "finishing" touches that I hadn't gotten to in the past few years.  This room doesn't really "go" with the rest of the house anymore and I plan to paint and give it a more Primitive look when my Civil War Quilt is finished, since I know that could be in 3 months or a year I am making it cozy and comfortable with what I already have instead of being "in waiting" for the redo!   I also moved a few things around and tweaked the postition of stuff to make the flow better for hubby's chair.  So here are the afters........and yes the piece of exercise equipment is necessary and needs to stay in the bedroom.

Hope you have a beautiful day!


  1. Hi Denise,
    You have a beautiful bedroom. I love the floors!! It looks very cozy and comfortable.
    I always feel good after I do a cleanup!

  2. Wow girl you have been busy... looks great. I love, love, love those doors and your floor. What colour are you thinking?

    Glad you are having a great day... now go rest up for the next project... lol

    Hugs, Deb

  3. Okay you are getting me motivated as your before pictures and all the work you have done to your room, by the way your room is beautiful..love those floors!! ..Our master bedroom looks like your before pictures..I just never get the time for our room.. Love how you motivate all the time..Lisa

  4. That's a job well done! You get lots of nice sunshine in there! :0)

  5. Looks great! I love what a little purge and tidy up can do for a room, and an attitude! I always feel better when things are organized!

  6. It's amazing what a change can be made by just removing things from a space. I love your bedroom. The bedspring and curtains are so pretty and the soft blue is relaxing.

  7. That looks great Denise! I need to do some Fall cleaning. Maybe soon. Debbie J.

  8. Looks great Denise.You have been a busy little bee. I finished my fall cleaning for now. Have a simple afternoon.


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