Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Doings.......

Today was week three helping my niece "C" with her quilting class, we have actually begun sewing.  Last Wednesday she came over and we regrouped and got her caught up for today's class and she has "homework" that I know she is very capable of doing.   I am having fun helping her, it is sometimes tough for me to remember all the little steps that are involved in quilting, if you quilt, stop and think of ALL the things that you just do without even thinking:   1/4" seam allowance, setting the seam, pressing it open, pinning pieces, squaring up, and many more.  I am also helping some of the other girls in the class, but my first priority is to help "C" keeping on track.  I have an extra machine that I brought today, I ran a few pieces through it since I haven't used in a quite sometime, I also made sure that the bobbin was full.  Some time during the morning my machine started to make a different sound and when I took it home I oiled it and checked it out then I realized one little arm that hold the bobbin "guts" in place was our of place, I fixed it and "Magnolia" is sounding great again.  It is so important to learn how your machine is supposed to sound so when something is wrong you will know, I have also mentioned that to "C" so she knows to check things.  I am teaching her to get "up close and personal" with her machine so she is not afraid to take it apart, it is a basic model Singer Esteem II and the perfect little machine for a beginner.

I ran a few errands on the way home from the quilting class and then lunch and I sat and started reading a book that I found at Mardens (a salvage discount store in Maine) that was greatly reduced.  The book is called A New Kind of Normal by Carol Kent, it's about a woman whose life is changed when her son is sentenced to life in prison for murder and how she chose to follow Gods promises rather than fall apart when her life changes overnight.  This book can apply to anyone that has had life altering changes, and of course for me the title jumped out, as many times I have referred to my changes as the "new normal" and for a long time my "normal" changed monthly.  It also has questions for reflection at the end of each chapter so I should get out my journal and reflect on the questions as I read :0) 

Tonight I went to a Budget Committee meeting, I am a member of the committee, there is a special town meeting coming up next month to ask for more funds for an unexpected problem.  Yes, I did say town meeting, we are a small town and we meet once a year at the local school and vote with a show of hands for each article in the budget, sometimes it gets real heated and we have to stand to be counted!   We need to meet next week to discuss this article further and make our recommendation, then sometime in November we get rolling for the next budget year.

Tomorrow is going to be rainy and I plan on staying in and sewing.  Maybe putting a few more fall things up, gotta clean the dining room light fixture to change the candle rings, sounds real exciting, bet you wished you were here, LOL. 

Gotta get ready for bed so I can rest up for my fun day tomorrow!


  1. Have fun today! We had pouring rain from Sunday afternoon until this morning. Over 5 inches! Some areas on the coast had over 10. Would have been great to stay home and sew, but I was out and about going to work.

  2. Hi Denise,
    Sounds like you are having a busy day. I love Carol Kent. She has another book that I really love. Laying Down My Issac. You might enjoy that one too. I am turtling around the cottage today.


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