Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy first day of September!!

Thank you to everyone for adding Joe to your prayers and prayer warrior/chain list.  I will do my best to keep everyone posted, it may be several days or longer, as the family is in LA and I don't know them personally. 

We dropped off our laptop computer yesterday and were able to pick it back up later in the day.  We were gone most of the day and then went back out to pick it up, sounds silly but I love staying home and today I am soooooo glad that I only have one quick, local errand to run.  That means that I will be home all day today but maybe 30 minutes, yee haw!!  It is still hot and humid here, I put our window AC back in at 10:30pm last night, yes you can laugh, I stubbed my toe and everything, but I did get a cool night's sleep!  We are going to tough out the next 2 days without the AC for the main part of the house and only use the bedroom one at night. 

Roger is busy getting the laptop all set up the way we like, you know how it is when your computer has a "brain" problem and gets rebooted, the stuff is there we just need to get it comfy again.  That means I probably won't get my hands on that computer for at least another day, so you are stuck with words only 'til then.  I am just so thankful that it is back and we have the important stuff, etc.the Geek Squad did it all for only $30.  The fact that we have 2 computers, this desktop and the laptop is also something to be thankful for!!  Sometimes us "old folks" as the children refer to us are sitting at our computers playing some of the games we enjoy, we are just a couple of kids at heart! 

.......while you don't realize that I started this post some time ago and got sidetracked I am now going to finish it.

What called me away was a call from a friend about a fundraiser for Joe and that lead me to make a call and then I ran out and made one more call when I got back.  Besides the prayers, which are the most important thing, the second thing that friends are trying to do is fund raise.  I have decided that I will donate my All Stars Quilt for them to raffle or use in a silent auction, or whichever way they deem that it will raise the most. For me this is a way that I can say "thank you" to all the people that helped us out, to give back to one of the families in the great community that I live in is one of the best feelings in the world.  So after I finish this post I will finally get the backing sewn and drop it off to get it quilted later this evening or tomorrow.  The women that will be quilting it said she would work on it ASAP and hopefully I will be sewing the binding on it by the weekend. 

Well I gotta get sewing!!

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  1. Bless your heart. That is very generous of you. I'm sure it will bring in a good amount of money. Both raffles and silent auctions are good ways to raise funds.

    Please remember to take pictures of it before you donate it.


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