Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What's Happening on Pumpkin Town Estates

Don't let the name fool you, it's only three houses on a back road, LOL, that is the name the builder chose when he divided the land.  Our house is the first one on this side of the town line, after 25 years living here only one new house was built  just over the town line about 16 years ago, we have no house across the street and I can barely see my neighbor's garage through the trees.  Now there are three new houses going in just around the corner over the town like, thankfully I still can't see them, but it is strange seeing houses where there once were woods.  The above photo is the extent of our fall decorations, but do notice that the trim around the garage doors is now brown, finally got that done!  I forgot, this is also a Fall decoration at our house.......
Yesterday afternoon I decided that some fresh air, tylenol and aspercreme might make me feel better so I fired up the John Deere and the saw rig and sawed up this pile! 

Earlier in the day I decided that I finally would get the shelf I wanted up in the livingroom.  I already had two shelf brackets that one of our sons made in high school shop class a few years ago, the board is an old wide board that has been kicking around the yard for quite some time and I already made the shelves in the kitchen with some of the same board.  It looks quite "primitive" it was outside unprotected and I knew that I needed to get it inside as there was already some insect damage in one area. 

So hubby, "Mr. DeWalt" and I did the necessary work and voila here are the results...............

Sorry about the mess in the first photo but I wanted to get a photo and wasn't done cleaning the paper "rack" .  I put a few things from around the house on the shelf, but I would like to use some old family wedding photos on this wall, I think, so for now it will probably change several times before I am finished. 

Last week was the first week that I helped my godchild, "C",  with her quilting class, she is making a small "baby quilt" size of a pattern that I have used several times (chosen by the instructor).  On Monday of this week we began cutting the fabric and it was quite overwhelming for someone new to quilting, all the tools and how to use them.....needless to say she didn't get much done, we also have to share tools with others so that slows things down and there were only 2 adults, the instructor and me, that knew what to do.  Today C will be coming over so we can work some more on cutting her fabric and learning how to read the pattern, and properly measure, cut, etc.  In the meantime, I decided to see if the time that was allotted was realistic for a class that size, sharing equipment and just learning the ropes, I did each step and set my timer and kept track of how much time it took to get it done, keeping in mind that I am alone in a quiet room, with all my own tools, and I "think" I know what I'm doing, this is what I got done so far (I started at 8pm finished around 11pm).
I really wanted to use this to encourage C that she is doing great and that even with me knowing what I am doing I barely got thing done in the allotted time, of course I jumped ahead quite a few weeks in the lesson plan.

Well gotta get going, need to finish morning stuff  and get ready for C to come over and play in the sewing room! 


  1. Good job working on the firewood! Love your shelf! And I see your ladder in the corner there too! Gotta get some quilts hung on that thing! LOL

  2. Fall has arrived at your place! Everything looks so nice. You wanna come help me split firewood?? LOL Got alot cut and piled now need to split and stack. Oh, I wanted to ask if you could change the font or something on your daily reflection? I love reading but being old and half blind I have a hard time. No problem if you don't as I will still read it. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. I love your rustic shelf. I'm not a big fan of painted wood. That is quite an impressive stack of wood you have there. I love the colors and pattern in that quilt.

  4. What a busy lady you have been! Good luck with the quilting lessons with C!

  5. Hi Denise,
    What a busy little bee you have been. Wish I had some of that energy. LOL I have to get my act together tomorrow and get somethings done here.
    It is suppose to be in the 60's here over the week end. Yea. Fall is coming.

  6. Denise that is so sweet of you to pass your talents down to the next generation. I am sure she will cherish the memories she has with you and appreciate the wonderful craft you have taught her. Unfortunately we never really realize that until we are much older. Of course I am a slow learner

    Great job on that firewood... no wonder your body is aching. I bet you sleep good at night.

    You have a great day sweetie, talk to you soon.

    Hugs, Deb


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