Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Thursday

Today is a new day, my hope today is that I can stay home and work on a special project in my sewing room.  I finished the backing for the All Star Quilt and dropped it off to be quilted, I will prepare the binding later today so I can begin putting it on as soon as I pick it up from being quilted. 

Every day I wake up, thank you Lord for that, I start the day fresh with plans to get what I have on my daily list done, be it the written list or the mental list.  Amazing how some days I can only cross off one thing and sometimes nothing off the list, I get so frustrated when I don't get everything done.  Only four short years ago I was working full time wishing I could be home all day everyday tending to the everyday household things.  I need to remind myself to be thankful for the little things again, like being able to be home, spending more time with my husband, being able to take those unexpected phone calls that lead to more, being able to blog and make new friends, you get where I'm going.....Being thankful for today and whatever may come.  To me, that does not mean that I should not plan or make a list of what I want to get done, it just means that I need to be open to the other opportunities that may present themselves during the day.  I wonder if I should wake up and say "what do you have in store for me today Lord?"  How do you react when you are called away from your plans for the day?

Okay, I bet you are saying "gee I hope she hurries and gets photos back"!  I will try to work on that today so maybe in the next few days it will be back to business with photos, LOL. 

Hope you have a wonderful day, I know I will!


  1. Hi Denise,
    I am learning I don't always need to be busy doing. I too like to make a list and check it off. I am so much a Martha but God is working on me to be a Mary. I do the best I can everyday and if something doesn't get done oh well. Take it easy and enjoy the journey. Have fun sewing today. I will chat with you soon.

  2. Each day is truly a blessing. If it doesn't go according to my plan I can see God's hand in it and there is always surprise blessings. Have a great one!

  3. Up until a couple of weeks ago I'd make a short list on a sticky note and put it on my computer desk, then mark off what I finished. Now I just take each day at a time. Sometimes I think we put too much into what we want and don't stop to think what God wants from us. Since I haven't felt well I've been spending more time reading my bible and reflecting back on things.

  4. I am already planning the 3 day weekend that is coming up. But, I'm only going to plan a few things. When I make a long list I feel overwhelmed by it all and can't function! I need to continue on with projects that I'm working on already.

  5. Most days I don't even make a list anymore, except when I have to go to town to run errands. I just take the day as it comes, sometimes happily so and sometimes not so much! LOL

  6. I think sometmes we can be so busy making lists and trying to live up to them, we forget to live in the is for living and if we enjoy the little things then all the big things seem to fall into place.....
    Found your link through Homemaking Dreams. I'm amazed how you've organized all your fabric and sewing room.
    florrie x


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