Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Fun

Thanks to Lisa for giving me "permission" to go out and check the yard sales.  I  had a successful day, here are the goodies that I found:

The candle holder was 50 cents at the first stop, found the candles for 25 cents for two at the next stop.

I got the crock and harness for $5 and the books were 50 cents each, they are all in excellent shape.

This last bunch of stuff came from a surprise stop on the way home.  I stopped at a house of a woman whose son went to school with one of my boys, I had been in the house a few years ago and it was beautifully decorated, just the way I would like if I had an unlimited budget.  She is selling her house to travel more and just simplify things so I got ALL of this for only.....$5.00.   I have been wanting one of these to put by the wood stove for quite some time now, patience pays:0)
The basket with the sunflower has a bunch of little stuffed things, there are even some stuffed candy corn and several small pillows with crows on them.  Everything comes out of the basket, nothing is glued in so I can take them out and use them around the house this fall.  The two wooden boxes will be great catch alls for my sewing room, I think. 

This basket will be put away for Spring.
The only thing I didn't get a photo of is a floor grate that I bought for $6.00 and already put it in place.  I had a brass one that was broken and found a black cast one that fits perfect.

When I got home I finally decided to get working on the ladder that I posted about on July 8.  Hubby helped me to (Deb close your eyes, you probably don't want to see what I did, lol) cut this old ladder into two shorter ones that I could use for display in the living room and my sewing room.  I was just going to measure and take a handsaw and cut the thing in two pieces, hubby had other ideas.  He though I should angle the cut based on the distance away from the wall I planned on setting it, so it took longer but I guess I have to admit they probably set better because of the angle cut, just don't tell him I said that, LOL.

Instead of the handsaw I got to use this tool.
Hubby showing me how to mark for the cut.
You really can't see them but here are my two lines to cut on, when I finished I had two ladders.
Midnight checking things out and looking for something to steal and chew on!
The one on the left is in the living room and the one on the right is in the sewing room.  They will look great with "stuff" on them. 
One questions for you ladies that are "re purpose" pros, do you think I should use some Howard's Restor to make the surface a  little smoother?  I put some on the (back) of the left side to see how it would look.  The can I have is Walnut so it's darker, but  it does feel smoother and I think it will make it easier to dust??
Okay, I have really made up for lost time with the photos today, but not sure if I will get a post in tomorrow or even Monday so I thought it would be okay to have a long post today.  Have a great weekend.


  1. What great yard sale finds! And look at your ladders! I put a finish on one of mine but not the other. I rarely dust so it's not an issue for me! LOL

  2. Hello Dear Friend,
    Looks liek you had a wonderful day. You read the same kinds of books I love. Have a blessed Sabbath. I will chat with you next week.

  3. You had a great day yard saling. That's for sure. I love the candle holder and the crock. I've never heard of Jan Karon but will be looking for her books now at yard sales. I'm glad you cut the ladder. It'll be great for displaying quilts. I can see where you put the restore and it looks fine. I think it would be easier to dust with the finish on it. To keep from marring your beautiful floors, put a tiny bit of non slip rug backing under the legs of the ladder.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Dear Denise,
    You found some wonderful goodies. I love going to yard sales, you never know what treasures you may find. I love that candle holder!
    You are a crafty one! I love your ladders, I have an old wooden one I found at an antique/thrift (you know, those stores that sell nice stuff and junk!) store. I keep mine in the kitchen and hang my vintage tea towels.
    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

  5. Hey how did I miss this post... I was so busy this weekend, didn't get too much blog time.

    I can't see beyond my tears... you cut the ladder... you are a brave soul. I must admit they will look fabulous in your rooms... I am just having a bad dose of envy here... lol... I would definitely use the Howard's on it. It won't be too dark after it absorbs in... make sure it is good and dry before you put any quilts on it though.

    Love your garage sale finds... loving that very prim candle holder and the crock... Granny J has her eye on that one, I just know it. That was a great deal especially with the harness... what ya gonna do with that? I would be having some real fun at your house this week. I wish you didn't live so far away.

    You have fun and I am loving the pics... never too many pics... I am a true visual person.

    Hugs, Deb


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