Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday with the Mt Quilter

This morning I had  someone ready to "help" give hubby his morning stretch........
He decided to hop onto my side of the bed and supervise the stretch, after the stretch we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, not a yummy as the ones Elizabeth made yesterday, hers were from scratch, mine were from the "dough boy". 

After I finish this post I will be choosing from one of these projects, who knows maybe I will work on all of them.  First is a birthday present for a friend, I would like to get it finished so I don't have to rush, it was simple because it was a panel.  I just need to quilt it, make a binding, and sew it then viola a table topper or maybe I will add a sleeve in to hang it on the wall.  I have more of the backing left so I could make a hanging sleeve that would blend in, what do you think, it is about 36 x 45? 

I also began working on bock 9 of the Civil War Quilt and this one is another stumper and I need to rip one of the seams and still sew one of the pieces then the four corner triangles then the 18 inch block will be finished and I have to make an identical one only 12 inches!  I wish you could see the colors in person, they are so much prettier in person than in the photo.
You can see the pucker that needs to come out in the bottom left corner, it's hard to explain but you have to add a small triangle and the seam is tricky :0(

I have been wanting to make several projects in this book. 

One of them is this ShooFly PotPie, my sister wants me to make another runner to match her quilt  so I will be using some scraps that I had leftover, I will have to modify this pattern a little because her dresser is smaller than this project. 
Stay tuned to see how many I work on today and what I get done, they are all doable in one afternoon, but sometimes I get distracted, LOL.  It just started pouring out and will be doing this all afternoon, so I have a perfect day to be inside!


  1. Hi Dear Friend,
    I have 1 cinnamon roll left if you want to come over for tea.:) I love looking at all your projects. I am still happily working on my pillowcases. I went last night to get more thread. It is a nice fall day here. I just got back from running a few errands.Have a wonderful week end.

  2. It looks like Roger has a great buddy there in Midnight.

    I have trouble sewing in triangles also. They always give me problems. I spend more time ripping out stitches than sewing.

  3. That panel is beautiful! I think it would look wonderful on a wall! Love the book too. Then again, I think I like everything I've seen from Kim Diehl. Have fun! :0)

  4. What a cute little helper you have!!
    Very nice wall hanging or topper that panel will make too. I like the idea of putting a pocket in it for hanging on the wall.
    The Civil War quilt is going to be beautiful. I do love those repro fabrics. I picked some up last time I was in Scarborough too. Haven't done anything with them yet though. ;)
    Glad I'm not the only one behind on fall decorating. We'll be pacing partners...
    You get out your fall decor and I will too. See who can post first about it. LOL!
    Thanks for your well wishes about my son in college. He's doing very well and adjusted just fine. PTL!
    Have a great weekend Denise.
    Blessings~ Birgit

  5. Denise you just floor me everytime you start another quilt, they keep getting nicer and nicer. This one is going to be so gorgeous when you finish it... I can't wait to see it completed...nothing like rushing you lol.

    Midnight is such a beauty... what a sweet helper.

    I hope you are having a great day.

    Hugs, Deb

  6. Isn't it fun to have so many projects to choose from? Everything looks good. Waiting to see what you are doing next.


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