Friday, October 8, 2010

Warning: Scary Photos........

Just wanted to warn you that these photos are not for the faint of heart, LOL.  I took this photo about an hour and a half after we started cleaning onThursday afternoon........

We had already started by taking some crates off the shelves in the background that had parts to our old truck, lots of stuff that we were able to get rid of......this made room to rearrange the chainsaws so they could all be on the shelf .   You can see that we got the saws (orange cases) off the floor and onto the shelves. 
 We were also able to get the generator back into its place under the shelves,  all the totes under the "bench" have been removed and cleaned out.....Now when I need nails for the nail gun I know exactly what size I have, can you see them on the top shelf to the left??  The best part of it is that you can get to everything without moving 10 things to get it!

The "stuff" next to the Hitachi table saw is "saving" a space for a box that our son is borrowing.

These photos are of my "little porch" in the garage, we need it for the lift that we have for Roger to use, of course it's just to the left OUT of the photo.  I want this porch to be a place to remove shoes, etc and a nice little area to "decorate"  someday the walls will all be finished, I hope, but to be honest just having this little area clean and tidy makes me happy, I will be sure to take photos when it IS tidy, LOL. 

Love my labeler now you can see where something belongs if you take it out and use it, LOL!  Of course I ran out of tape and now I have to order some more before I can keep marking everything.

This is our little sorting station, we have different bins for bolts, screws, clamps, you name it we probably have it!  The stuff in the background is sorted (I know it looks messy but bare with me) it is just waiting for it's permanent home.  

This is some of the metal that will go in the metal bin at our transfer station, so yes I am being "green", although right now my fingers are BLACK from grease, oil and who knows what else. 

Most of the stuff on the bench has been cleaned off and we are starting to empty and sort the little draws in this cabinet so we can put all the little specialty things in each drawer, and label them of course!  You can see under the bench a little and it's empty yippie, we are going to move it over and rearrange the toyboxs toolboxes we may put up some shelves for easy access to the things we use most.

Here is one of the drawers we started with before we came in for the night, we have a lot of the dividers so some of the drawers will have several depending on the size and number of items that go in each one.

Time to get ready for bed so I will be rested to get to keep plugging along tomorrow :0)


  1. Wow! What are you doing next weekend! We could definitely use you to help get our garage in order! LOL We have a couple of nice sets of those drawers, but there's so much stuff stacked on the work bench we can't even get the drawers open without moving stuff! LOL

  2. Denise, I can't believe I missed these last two posts... life is just getting to hectic. You are doing an amazing job, although it is back breaking it is so worth it in the end... just ask Rose... lol

    You really are saving the fun stuff for

    Hugs, Deb


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