Monday, October 25, 2010

Member of the Joy-Filled Band

Today's Reflection........

   And again I say, Rejoice!                     Philippians 4:4

Enter into the joy of your Lord, not just at the end of the journey, My child, but even now, amid the shadows and rough places of the road, there is joy for you if you will abandon the burden of sadness.  I call for a joy-filled band--a people who know My heart.  Yes, the world still lies in the corruption of rebellion, and millions of souls are in pain.  Those who seek and find and follow the Narrow Way are still few.  But they can be a joyful company--singing the songs of ultimate victory and daily help for every need.  Enter into My joy, My beloved.
     from    Echoes of  Eternity - Listening to the Father  Vol. 1  by Hal M. Helms

I loved the reflection for today and I ask you what are you be a member of the "joy-filled band" or do you choose to carry the "burden of sadness"?  While my life is not perfect or always happy.........I have found that even in the worst of times if I hand over my sadness and troubles to the Lord and join the "band" I feel at peace. 

I'll be back later (hopefully today) to share the project I worked on this weekend.  Gotta go get ready for my niece's quilting class.


  1. Hi Denise,
    What a great Monday Morning post. Enjoy quilting.

  2. a wonderful way to start the week! I really enjoy your daily reflections

  3. What a great post. I love reading your reflections.

  4. I have to say our Pastor spoke of what you wrote about.. WOW what a comfirmation this morning..Lisa


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