Friday, December 3, 2010


Today hubby and I decided to brave the chilly garage (the space heater was out of fuel and I didn't want to go out and get more) and get the roof for the chicken coop made.  This is what the coop roof was like this morning before we started.......
Their roof was a tarp with a thin piece of wood over the top, of course the temperatures are getting colder and  I also wanted a more secure roof that could be easily opened for cleaning.  So today was the day.....Hubby and I work together, he isn't able to physically do the job so he tells me what to do with the tools and materials and hopefully when we are done we have a finished product.  Thankfully we have been married for 26 years and have learned to work well together!

We had to buy a sheet of 1/2" plywood,  already had the hinges, roofing paper was leftover from a few years ago, and the rest of the wood was from "around" the house and yard.  Nails and screws are a "staple" at our house so we didn't need any of them either.  

We wanted the top to fit sort of like a box top, with a lip around the edges.  After measuring the top of the coop and adding a little for overhang in the front, we needed to cut the plywood, thankfully, "middle" son was over raking leaves (thank you) and came into the garage just in time to save me from having to use the skil saw (I have never used one before and really wasn't looking forward to it).

Now we need to mark where to put the first part of the "lip" for the top, after marking where to place it we started the screws then clamped the wood and finished screwing in the screws (sorry for lack of photos).  After getting the first board for the "lip" done we did the two sides the same way and carried it down to the coop for a "test fit".  It fit like a glove (after pulling out the nails from the top of the coop that were making it wobbly) then back to the garage to set on the hinges and put on the roofing paper.  Earlier this week we brought the paper inside the basement so it would be warm and easier to work with, but we had to work fairly quickly as it was cold in the garage.  The hinges are on the back side, we left extra paper to "overhang" the back and protect from possible drafts and tried to cover as much of the rest as possible. 

Then off to place it onto the coop and screw the bottom part of the hinges, oldest son helped with this part, thankfully because by this time my body was cold and stiff.  Voila a beautiful roof just in time for the yucky weather that is on the way for the weekend!  What do you think?? 

Of course while we were working on the roof I had to section the girls into a corner and somehow they managed to "get out", they sure do think the grass is greener on the outside, LOL.  I had to grab the dog and get him inside, I opened the pen so they could get back in but let them wander for a while....then later shooed them back into the coop!   I am making progress......I actually held one of them today, sorry I am still not quite up to speed with their names yet! 

I want to add a window to the left of the coop door so they will have some natural light on days that they have to stay inside, since I really don't plan on putting a "light" inside the coop, unless you think I should Peggy??  I was hoping to get the window done today but the roof took longer than expected, if there is a delay in the rain/snow tomorrow I will try to get it done in the morning.  I also want to figure out a better "yard area" for them, but not sure if it will get done this fall.....I will talk to hubby and see if we can build it in the garage and move outside when complete.  I would like a hinged door to get in and out and I would like to make fencing over the entire top (they have flown out several times before I covered the top).  Right now I have half chicken netting and half tarp because I ran out of netting.  If we redo this we will reuse the netting we already have and I think I will only have to get some strapping for the frame. 


  1. Wow! You two sure work well together. Never in a million years even with instruction would I ever get this together. You two can be proud.

  2. That turned out really nice. That was a smart idea to hinge the lid so it will be easy to clean out. Also in the summer or nicer weather you can either prop the lid open a little or leave it open all the way. You work well together.

  3. Its such a blessing to be able to work together like that. Good job!

  4. That is looking great Denise... you two rock... so nice to be able to do things together... you must be a good student, I always want to be the teacher... lol

    Hope you are having a great weekend.

    Hugs, Deb

  5. You're so ambitious, Denise. It looks like you follow directions very well! Good job.
    Hey, I also wanted to tell you that your little pincushion is very cute!

  6. Hope the chickens appreciate all the work you're doing to provide them with a happy home! The new roof looks great! :0)

  7. Denise, great little coop and I am impressed with the team effort. I'm sure your girls will be very happy. You may want to consider a light and even a heating lamp. The girls need twelve to fourteen hours of daylight to keep their egg production going. I offer only a suggestion after one winter with my girls Icertainly learned a lot! Good luck.

  8. Hi Denise,
    Yes teamwork does pay off. Dave and I tackled the garage this week end. It was snap with the two of working on it.
    Have a blessed week.


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