Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Some Sewing........

I spent most of Sunday in my sewing room working on the winter quilt for my living room.   One of my favorite quick and easy quilt patterns is Yellow Brick Road by Terry Atkinson.

Some blocks pieces ready to be sewn together.

Just waiting their turns to be sewn.

Some more pieces that are waiting to be put together.

This is one of the three block designs in this quilt.

Here are the blocks waiting to be put on the design wall.

Adding another complete row to the top.
This quilt will be a "lap size" which for this pattern is 57" X 75", I will be adding a border and there are several extra blocks leftover and I may use them in the corners of the border as suggested in the pattern.  This quilt is so quick and easy that you could complete the top in one day.  I will be making one more this week for the "6 month old boy" gift tag that I picked off the Christmas tree at our local town hall. 

I know some of you are waiting to see the compost bin, haven't worked on it yet.........


  1. That is so pretty! I think it's wonderful that you'll be giving a handmade gift to a little one in the community.

  2. You are amazing Denise... in one day, you say? hmmmm... gorgeous is all I can say.

    I sure that little guy will be thrilled to have his own cuddly quilt. What a sweet thing for you to do.

  3. Thats going to be beautiful Denise! You are way more motivated thatn I am these days. :o)

  4. Very nice! I'm glad to see someone is getting some sewing done because I'm sure not! LOL


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